Select It Sunday: Jitsuro Hiramoto

Selected by Annie of For the Lost fame, this week’s Select It Sunday case is Jitsuro D. Hiramoto. This seventeen-year-old Japanese-American young man vanished from Berkeley, California three days into 1984, and was never seen again.

Although it says “few details are available in his case” I actually know a little bit more about Jitsuro’s disappearance than it says on Charley. I got an email nearly five years ago from a high school friend of his. But I didn’t feel comfortable putting it all on the website, since it wasn’t from any “official” source and since it was information that might upset Jitsuro’s family.

Here’s what little I feel like I can say: Jitsuro dropped out of sight mysteriously in 1984, but it wasn’t until his high school’s ten-year class reunion in 1994 that my correspondent found out he was missing. Fliers were mailed out with the class reunion invitations, asking people who knew Jits (that was his nickname) to get in touch with a private investigator who was looking into his disappearance. My correspondent did speak to the P.I., who said Jits left a note when he disappeared. Suffice it to say that the person who wrote me believes Jitsuro is probably dead.

His family, according to the email I got, still lives in Berkeley.

5 thoughts on “Select It Sunday: Jitsuro Hiramoto

    • Angie October 6, 2014 / 2:01 pm

      It says both Jitsuro and the UID have DNA in the database, so a match should have been made automatically. Unless one of them has only mtDNA in the database and the other has genomic DNA.

      Based on the description of the UID as possibly Hmong, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a recent immigrant who had no family in the area to report him missing.

  1. Cattt October 11, 2014 / 12:12 am

    What did the note say? Did it talk about walking away from his life? Thanks for letting us know, Meghan.

    • Meaghan October 13, 2014 / 11:17 am

      It could have been interpreted as either a runaway note or a suicide note.

  2. NOEL SIVER April 1, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    Jitsuro D. Hiramoto, born 23 March 1966, in Alameda County, CA, was the son of Minoru Edward Hiramoto, born 12 Feb 1933, San Joaquin County, CA; died 17 Feb 2016, Berkeley, Alameda County, CA, and Loralee Tucker, born 13 June 1940, Salt Lake City, Utah; died 27 Oct 2000, in the Yellowstone National Park area. According to Jitsuro’s aunt, the late Sumiye Hiramoto Gluck, Jitsuro’s father was a very strict disciplinarian and very critical of his son. She assumed that this was what drove Jitsuro to leave home in January 1984.

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