Sabrina Allen found safe

As seven or eight people have written to inform me, little Sabrina Allen, who was abducted by her non-custodial mother twelve years ago, has been located alive, southeast of Mexico City. She’s not so little anymore: four years old when she was taken, she’s now seventeen.

As per usual, Sabrina’s abductor Dara told her all sorts of horrible lies about her searching father. I encourage you to donate to Greg Allen’s GoFundMe page to ease the transition and the rekindling of their relationship. Presumably it will pay for counseling and suchlike; Sabrina is already seeing a psychologist. Although she’s in good health physically, she’s traumatized and she hasn’t been in school. Her mother dragged her from pillar to post and they both used multiple alias names. Greg hasn’t even met with her yet and I wonder if she speaks English anymore.

Watching the video of Greg on the GoFundMe page, my eyes filled with tears. This recovery should make me feel really good, but instead, thinking of how Sabrina is in such terrible shape due to her mother’s actions (which so many people defend, almost by reflex), I feel a little bit sick.

I wish her the best life she can have.