Charley is about to turn ten

On October 12th the Charley Project will be a whole decade old. I remember the early days, when I was a sophomore history major in college, and frankly paid more attention to the website than to my studies–or my life. I remember doing a victory dance the first day more than 100 people visited the site. These days I average six to seven thousand! A LOT of things have changed since 2004 but Charley has stayed with me throughout. All those people lost and found. Every once in awhile I think about giving it up but then wonder what I would possibly do with myself.

MP of the week: Al’Quon Flowers

This week’s featured missing person is Al’Quon Flowers, an eighteen-year-old who disappeared three years ago. I don’t have very much on him, other than that his disappearance may have been gang-related. I did the usual check to see if there’d been any recent news: nope.

Al’Quon may have been involved in criminal activities, but he didn’t deserve what probably happened to him and his baby son didn’t deserve to grow up without a father and his large family didn’t deserve to have him ripped from their lives like this.