My latest ET entry

This one’s another Holocaust-related one, a young Dutch Jew named Raphaelson or more probably Raphaelsohn. His cousin submitted his page of testimony to Yad Vashem (as seen on Executed Today) but apparently didn’t know the time, place or circumstances of his death — only that he had been deported and never returned. The page of testimony included an exact address for the cousin. When I found out how Raphaelsohn had died, I thought I could perhaps write to his cousin with the details. I thought it might provide some closure or something, especially given that Raphaelsohn died bravely according to the account I found. I wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate to contact his cousin. But then I looked up the cousin to see if he was still living at the same address and discovered the issue was moot — he’d died years earlier. Oh, well.

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