I really don’t know how to explain this

Many of the cases on my site have photos with blue backgrounds. In America, this generally means it’s a driver’s license or official state identification photo. The cops use them pretty often when publicizing missing persons cases because the driver’s license ID photo is often the first one — and the only one — they can easily get their hands on.

In the past month I have gotten TWO emails from people claiming my blue-background photo of an MP is incorrect. In one case it was the daughter of the MP; just yesterday it was a police officer who said they were speaking for the MP’s family. So I removed the photos. I had other ones; this was not a big deal.

But I am confused. Because in both those cases, I got the blue background pics from official sources, their respective state missing persons websites. In fact, on one of those state MP websites, the blue background photo is STILL the only photo seen on that particular MP’s listing. I am wondering how the authorities could make that kind of mistake, twice. Did they just accidentally select someone from the driver’s license database who happened to have the same name? Or what?