Flashback Friday: Delvacchio Lanier and Isley McCullough

This week’s Flashback Friday (the fiftieth, by my count) is Delvacchio Lanier and his grandfather Isley McCullough, who disappeared together from Gadsen County, Florida on April 28, 1973. Delvacchio was twelve years old at the time and would be in his fifties today. McCullough was 64; if he were alive today he’d be 105. Delvacchio is in a distinct minority on the Charley Project in that he’s a missing minor who isn’t listed on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children site, or NamUs* for that matter. I don’t have much on either of them as far as physical descriptions go: just their ages and the fact that they were black.

After the disappearances, McCullough’s taxi was found abandoned with blood inside it, a spent bullet in the front seat and the cash box empty. Foul play is obviously suspected in these two cases: the authorities theorize Delvacchio and his grandfather might have been killed by moonshiners.

[EDIT: Okay, they have been entered into NamUs, they’re just not publicly viewable at this time. I stand corrected.]