At last

I have written several blog entries about the disappearance of Wallace Guidroz in 1983. Two and a half years ago the police said they were about to file charges against his father, Stanley, for killing him. Then…nothing. Which made no difference in any practical sense, since Stanley was already in custody awaiting trial for murdering his wife Pepettra (not Wallace’s mom).

Well, to play catch-up, Stanley pleaded guilty to killing Pepettra later in 2012. And just now, they’ve finally filed charges against him in Wallace’s case.

Unfortunately, it would appear there’s precious little evidence besides Stanley’s confession, so he’s being charged with manslaughter rather than murder. According to him, he angrily lashed out at Wallace because the toddler was “fussing” and Wallace fell on the floor, hit his head and died. Stanley said he buried him in a shallow grave on the Tacoma waterfront.

That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Me, I kind of doubt it. It seems unlikely that a person, even a baby, would die after falling a couple of feet from a high chair to the floor. I bet there was considerably more violence than Stanley claims. But unless we find Wallace — which seems unlikely — we’ll never know.

R.I.P. little man.

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