Flashback Friday: Micki West

This week’s Flashback Friday goes to Micki Jo West, a young lady who disappeared 35 years ago yesterday, on September 11, 1979. Jose asked me to write about her.

We pretty much know what happened to Micki: she was murdered by Marvin Lee Irvin, her best friend’s husband. In 1991, twelve years after Micki’s disappearance, Irvin confessed to her murder and to the murders of two other women, saying he’d buried all three bodies in the same cornfield in Highland, Kansas — about 25 miles away from where Micki disappeared, which was St. Joseph, Missouri. A search of the field turned up the bodies of the other victims, Crystal Simmons and Patricia Rose, but no sign of Micki.

As far as I know Mr. Irvin is still rotting in prison. I tried Googling his name but didn’t find anything enlightening, only articles about his old crimes.