Another “I hate it when this happens” post

The California Department of Justice database is awesome in many ways, but it has some flaws too, just like any other site. I uncovered a major mistake this week: a woman whom, they claim, disappeared from Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is a coastal city in central California. For as long as this woman has been on the Charley Project — and that’s been almost ten years — I’d had her listed as missing from there. I had no reason to believe otherwise.

This week I got an email from the missing lady’s daughter and found out that, although she’s FROM Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz County police are investigating her case, she actually disappeared from Alaska. ALASKA. That’s like, thousands of miles away from the stated POD.

Oh, and the photo the CDOJ had up for her until about a month ago wasn’t of her either. They’ve fixed that, but the CDOJ page for her still says she disappeared from Santa Cruz.