This week might be totally shot

Am writing this on my iPhone.

ONE day, ONE LOUSY DAY of Sims4 gameplay and I’m reasonably sure my monitor has kicked it. I put the game on pause to watch TV with Michael and when I came back the screen was all white.

I tried the usual things like restarting the computer, turning the monitor off and back on, unplugging and then re-plugging it, etc. Alas, zilch, nada. I am sure the desktop itself works because (a) when I press crtl-alt-del the monitor color changes from white to pale turquoise and (b) the desktop is, of course, brand new.

Michael is in bed right now but I fear he can do nothing but pronounce the patient dead. I can’t afford to get a new monitor right now and I can’t charge it either because some rat bastard stole the number and I am waiting on a replacement card.

We might be outta luck till next week, folks.