Happy Father’s Day to all fathers

I wish to send out a Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. I just gave my own a call to tell him how awesome he is. My dad raised seven children, four of them his stepchildren, and never differentiated between any of us. He is one of the greatest supports in my life and I’m proud to be his daughter.

I also want to send my thoughts out to families whose fathers are missing. I hope you won’t have to spend next year’s Father’s Day without knowing their fate.

Select It Sunday: Ronald McNutt

Selected by QuincyGirl: Ronald Todd McNutt vanished from Corning, California ten years last month. He dropped his step-grandson off at middle school and went off to work, but never arrived. He has never been seen since. His truck never turned up either.

Although McNutt has had episodes of memory loss, the police believe he’s missing under suspicious circumstances and may have met with foul play. He was accompanied by an as-yet-unidentified middle-aged man at the time of his disappearance. Whether this man is considered a witness or a suspect I don’t know.

I haven’t been able to find any real press about Ronald McNutt since 2006, but I’m sure his family has never forgotten him.