Two GoFundMe pages

I’m kind of embarrassed but pleased: Charley Project blog reader Tara has started a GoFundMe page to buy me a new computer. That’s really touching, honestly. If you want to contribute, you can go to the link.

And now that I have my computer back: Annie Keller has one week left to raise the money for her dental fund and she really NEEDS it done. Here’s her page. Annie is a longtime friend of mine and runs the For the Lost website; she’s especially an advocate for family abduction kids. She was supposed to get her dental work done on the 3rd but it got postponed. Anyway, try to donate if you can.


It turns out my DC jack didn’t need replaced. Computer Guru Jamie said it was just dirty inside, or something like that. He cleaned it and now the computer works just fine and charges and everything. And it cost $20, not $80 as I had expected!

So I have the computer back and anticipate beginning updates again this weekend. Tomorrow I have several appointments all day, and the day after that Michael, Mom and I are going to the Toledo Zoo — voted best zoo in the US! Guaranteed summer fun.

I will, however, need a new computer sooner or later. Michael says I should get a desktop because I’m really hard on my laptops, drag them everywhere, and that’s why they keep breaking down every two years. He says maybe I could get a desktop and use it to update Charley and stuff, and continue to use this laptop for things like taking it to the library until it finally dies. Computer Guru Jamie could even build me a desktop himself, one that would suit my needs and not have a bunch of unnecessary crap and cost less than one I’d buy at Best Buy or whatever.

Someone suggested in the comments section that they should have a fundraiser of donations to buy me a new computer. I certainly wouldn’t mind that — honestly I don’t know how I can afford a new computer by myself — but it’s up to you guys. My laptop is not dead yet.