I saw my doctor today and things went well, and I hope they will continue to go well. I’m getting a medication change and he has some ideas as to what to do should May 30th’s crisis, god forbid, occur again.

Tomorrow I do plan to change my MP of the week — I already have one in mind. But I also need to send my computer in for more repairs, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to update. The DC jack (the place where you plug it in) needs replaced, as the computer is getting harder and harder to charge. Jamie works for a computer store and will do the work for me when I bring the laptop in tomorrow. Such a repair would normally cost $130 but he says he will give a “friends and family” discount and I will have to pay only around $80. Certainly that’s better than having to buy a whole new computer, which is what it would eventually amount to if I can’t get this charger problem fixed.

I don’t know how long it will take the computer to be fixed — hopefully only a day or two. But I’m looking forward to beginning work again. And I am feeling optimistic at present.

Until then…

Make-A-List Monday: People Who Changed Their Names

This is a list of adult MPs who legally changed their names before they vanished. Women who changed their names because they got married or divorced don’t count. I decided children didn’t count either.

Peter Strother Madison (was Peter Scott Gruesbeck)
Neo Babson Maximus (was Charles M. Allen Jr.)
Frank Nash (was Asselin Nash)
Mikalena Nau (was Michelle Nau)
Jessie Shawn Mixon (was Robert Shawn Otis)

This is a really short list but I thought it a worthy topic anyway.

Fun fact: Michael legally changed his name after he turned 18. He has two middle names, and started life as Michael Robert David. Then he changed it to Michael David Robert — simply because he could, for no other reason.