Return tentatively scheduled for next week sometime

Things have been going better for me the last several days. As some of you might have surmised, the scary thing that happened on the 30th was health-related. Well, I’ve gotten quite a bit better since then and, more to the point, I’m seeing my doctor on Monday. But what happened on the 30th must never happen again and I’m keeping an eye on myself.

I’ve got my computer back from Jamie the computer guru — virus free now, to all appearances. I’m starting to miss updating and hope to resume sometime next week after I meet with my doctor and get some plan of action together.

Michael’s cousin got married today and we went and I actually had fun. I had some nice convos with other guests and told them about Charley. Here’s a photo of me in the clothes I wore to the wedding — though the photo was actually taken in Michael’s living room, before we left:

Wedding clothes

See, I’m smiling.