Make-A-List Monday: Minors With Tattoos

Continuing with the tattoo motif: MPs under the age of 18 who have, or may have, tattoos.

Estrella Guadalu Arevalo-Ceja, 15
Teresa Marie Barbusca, age 16
Rochelle Denise Battle, age 16
Tarasha Benjamin, age 17
Stephanie Lynn Benton, age 17
Amy Billig, age 17
Jody Lynn Brant, age 16
David Antonio Cambray, age 16
Julian Carroza, 13
Nachida Keota Chandara, 15
Josephine Yvette Cogburn, age 16
Brandy Natasha Cole, age 17
Jennifer Lynn Conroy, 15
Andrea Leigh Cotton, age 17
Trevor Dean Craven, age 17
Carol Elaine Donn, age 17
Robert William Dornbach, age 17
Abigail Estrada, 13
Melissa Fadden, 13
Bryan Keith Fisher, age 16
Jesse Gabriel Florez, 14
Ronald William Frye, 15
Michael James Gaughan, age 17
Wayne Kareem Goff, age 17
Gabriela Leticia Gonzalez, 14
Tineshia Rene Jackson, age 16
Paige Valisa Johnson, age 17
Lakisha Danielle Jones, 15
Sabah Nasheed Karriem-Conner, age 16
Cindy Irene King, 15
Jessica Anne Kinsey, 14
Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow, 14
Reginald Lamar Kirtdoll, age 17
Tami Faye Kowalchuk, age 17
Ruth Ann Leamon, age 16
Sylvia Ann Lee, age 17
Patricia Loya, 15
Katya Marie Lyne, 15
Morgan Keyanna Martin, age 17
Jamie Michelle McChurin, age 16
Peter John McColl, age 16
Tammie Anne McCormick, 13
Sheyannah Diamond McGlone, age 16
Joey Miller, 13
Sophia Felecita Moreno, age 16
Juanita Jean Nelson, age 17
Tracy A. Pickett, 14
Devinee Maria Priscilla Pingul, age 17
David J. Reynolds, 15
Destry Richard Rhinehart, age 16
Alma Violet Root, 14
Tammie Sue Rothganger, 15
Misael Margarito Sanchez, age 16
Paul David Sanders, age 16
Karissa Alline Schell, 14
Mark William Seelman, age 16
Randy Lee Sellers, age 17
Donald Ferry Shafer, 15
Jason William Noble Saul, age 17
Jamie Lynn Southgate, 15
Ashley Nicole Summers, 14
Aaron Lamar Turner, age 16
China Renee Videon, age 16
Ryan Burgess Weiter, age 16
Glenna Jean White, age 16
Jonnie Renee White, age 16
Heide Dawn Wilbur, age 16
Asante Anton Willoughby, age 16
AbdulNur Wilson, age 17
Yusuf Abdul Wilson, age 17
April Susanne Wiss, age 16

13 thoughts on “Make-A-List Monday: Minors With Tattoos

    • vintage81 May 19, 2014 / 7:28 pm

      Amber, I think you may be on to something! I was looking at his info in NamUs and it looks pretty promising, but that’s just me. πŸ™‚ They’ve ruled out 24 people it looks like but I didn’t see his name either. How does one submit this?

    • Angie May 20, 2014 / 12:32 pm

      Definitely submit! I can’t find Bryan Keith Fisher in Namus so he may not have been compared in the database yet. The stats seem really good.

  1. Kat May 19, 2014 / 8:07 pm

    Also, they are searching the house of Amy Sue Pagnac for evidence, of what I don’t know, only seen one story on it. Back on topic, they must have had looser rules for tattoos at some point if all these younger kids had them….13???? Oy.

    • vintage81 May 20, 2014 / 7:47 pm

      Oh I know! 13??? I wasn’t even aware you could get one till you were 18. But then again I was naive. πŸ™‚ Sad though….

  2. chris May 19, 2014 / 10:23 pm

    13 that’s just sad… Pretty sure that’s illegal even with parent permission. I got my first tattoo at 16 after my parents said no there are many aspiring tatt artists that are fine with tatting minors so it wasn’t to hard to find someone.

    • Mer May 19, 2014 / 11:58 pm

      It’s even illegal for a parent who’s a licensed tattoo artist to tattoo their own child if their child is underage within the state’s tattoo law actually.

    • Meaghan May 21, 2014 / 11:27 am

      I would hope that most tattoo artists are ethical people who wouldn’t give a tattoo to a child.

      I don’t have any myself. I think about getting one, but I’m afraid I’ll regret it, and it seems like it’s not something you should do unless you’re really sure. If I do get one I want it in a place that’s not going to be visible to the entire world.

    • Diane June 21, 2014 / 7:20 am

      You know, if you read through these cases the majority of these underaged tattoo cases make a great deal of sense, situationally; either the lifestyle fits or it seems like it’d fit their personality or something else is there that makes me not want to disparage them. And I was fully equipped to dismiss the cases where the kids were under 17 and were tattooed. There is one girl, however, who I actually kinda hate and am almost ashamed to admit am glad she’s a missing person. I’m surprised about that, since this is the first case of a missing person I’ve found to be wholly unsympathetic and rather loathsome. Though I admit that part of that is because I ran into her after I ran into a case where my heart broke for that person. I won’t name this person, BTW, but I suppose this is balanced out by having found on this list a case of a young black male (I forget his name already!), presumed murdered, who I felt we got seriously cheated out of in terms of having him around in this world. He had two tattoos IIRC and yes, he was underage, but he was a good kid who was bound to be somebody in this world and I feel just as much hatred and bitterness toward his murderer(s) as I do toward the one missing person on this whole site whom I’ve found unlikable.

      • Melinda March 4, 2016 / 4:22 pm

        OK, so I’m not the Charley Project police or anything…but really? This is a site for missing persons; why disparage any of them?
        This isn’t the first time I have seen you say something unkind about one of the MP’s. I take it that this particular girl was an “enemy” of yours based on your harsh comments.

        Look, you’re entitled to your feelings/opinions. We all know people we dislike and have problems with; I can name about 10 in my own life.
        So I understand if you’ve had issues with this person because I also know a lot of people I can’t stand, some of whom are in my family (and two are ex-boyfriends).

        But to say that you’re glad that this person is missing? No. They still have somebody out there who cares about them. It might seem hard to believe, but they do.
        And that is why we should try to keep our comments respectful when talking about these people and their cases.
        Some of them might have been unpleasant or involved in questionable activities before they disappeared, but they are still valuable human beings. They ALL are.

  3. Andrea622 May 23, 2014 / 9:28 pm

    all u need is a needle and ink to make your own tattoo πŸ™‚ something many teens do esp with initials

    • Meaghan May 23, 2014 / 9:29 pm

      I’ve heard of people in prison turning video game controllers into tattoo guns.

  4. ConcreteKayak January 22, 2015 / 3:33 pm

    Could Yusuf Wilson beThe Doe Network:Case File 426UMNJ? The date & distance are totally plausible, the age, height, hair & eye color are spot on. There is a weight discrepancy, but that is easily explained. But the tattoo- Yusuf has a “YB” written on his left forearm. The UM’s tattoo, if you view the New Jersey state police original photo (linked below) you will see a faded spot, or perhaps a glare, in the top center portion of the letter “J.” It looks to me that there might actually be a notch there, which would make it the letter “Y”-which matched Mr. Wilson’s tattoo!

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