Make-a-List Monday: Photographs of Tattoos

A list of MPs with tattoos for which I have photographs or drawings. This may be incomplete though.

Raed Nayef Al-Farah
Adrian Anderson
Lucely Aramburo
David Sosa Arrieta
Cecil O. Baker
David Sam Bartlett Jr.
Charles Dwayne Bell
Jackie Lee Berry Jr.
Rose Marie Bly
Alex James Buonassisi
Joseph Michael Bushling
Nicole Sherese Cearo
Marie Jane Carlson
Samantha Anne Clarke
Jeremiah Matthew Claypool
Christopher Lee Cook
Trevor Dean Craven
Athena Joy Curry
Stephen Joseph Davaris
Bethany Anne Decker
William Francis DiSilvestro IV
Bethanie Lynne Dougherty
Alan Rhys Dowden
Leann Faulk
Stefanie Adee Francique
Earnest Edward Francis
Tabitha Lynn Franklin
Wojciech Fudali
Thomas Edward Funk Jr.
Tracey Leigh Gardner-Tetso
Theresa Rena Green
Eric Haider
Glen Allen Hardiman
Robin Joy Heitger
Jason Roy Henderson
Paul Richard Hodgden
Shelley Corinne Hoke
Emillie Victoria Hoyt
Jerry Dwayne Isenhour
George Erick James
Keith Kenton King
Lisa Marie Knight
Nicole A. Konanec
Thomas Edward Lamoree II
Robert Joel LaPergola Jr.
Risha Aleena Lewis
Nieko Anthony Lisi
Toni Dean Long
Derek Joseph Lueking
Wendy Martinez
Myair Adura Mathis
Joseph Muelbl
Kenny Manuel Naidas Jr.
Colleen Elizabeth Perris
Lonnie Cory Perry
Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler
Jesse Glen Pinegar
Geno Samuel Ranelli
Edward A. Ratynski Jr.
Jean Baptiste Reamer
Curtis Douglas Reich
Kenneth John Ritchie
Naomi Monica Shalom Sanders
Angelica Esperanza Sandoval
Rebecca Jean Sewell
Brian Randall Shaffer
Megan Nicole Shultz
Domanick Reagan Still
Martin Stofej
Kortne Ciera Stouffer
Dean Toshio Tanaka
Joel G. Thompson Jr.
Andrew James Torii
Adan Andrada Velasco
Carla Vicentini
Michael Jay Amico Wallace
Jason Williams
John Douglas Wisniewski Sr.
Matthew Stephen Wood
Paul Cecil Worsham
Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman

One thought on “Make-a-List Monday: Photographs of Tattoos

  1. Melinda March 15, 2016 / 2:43 pm

    About Stefanie Adee Francique…I found an article on her disappearance that scared the bejesus out of me! Apparently she would sit on the porch every night, smoking and talking on her cell phone.

    A few nights before she disappeared, her friend said they were talking on the phone and Stefanie suddenly sounded like she was afraid. She told her friend that she felt she was being watched.
    Apparently there are some woods across from her parents’ home and somebody might have been stalking her. The friend also said that Stefanie heard growling coming from the woods.

    What makes it more scary is that the growling was obviously from a human being, not an animal. WTF? That freaked me out when I read it. Her poor daughter and parents must be so sad not knowing what happened to her.

    I also find it interesting because Stefanie was not a small woman by any means…she was tall and well over 200 lbs. If she was taken, the abductor must have been VERY strong or it could have been more than one person that took her.
    It seems that her ex-husband was ruled out as a suspect; I’m not sure about the other people she associated with. I bet it was either somebody she knew or there could have been a sex offender in the neighborhood, watching and waiting for the opportunity to strike.

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