One thought on “Two Peas in a Pod: Overlapping Disappearances in Pea Ridge Arkansas

  1. M86 May 9, 2014 / 2:11 am

    That’s an interesting read… I live about 15 minutes from Pea Ridge.

    It’s kinda obvious the author isn’t from the area… Pea Ridge isn’t some town hidden in the mountains, where the nearest modern civilization is more than 50 miles away. Pea Ridge is actually part of a metro of about half a million… It’s more of a bedroom community, with a bunch of subdivisions, etc, but April did live in the older area of town. I’ve driven by those apartments several times.

    I’m familiar with both April and Cerilla’s cases, but never thought about a connection between them. And considering small communities can be breeding grounds for those “good ol’ boy networks”, I wouldn’t rule out some sort of corruption/cover-up.

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