Significant activity in the Holly Bobo case lately

Over the past day or two there’s been loads of activity, including a second arrest, in Holly Bobo‘s 2011 abduction and presumed murder. The police are expecting to indict at least one additional person and possibly more. There’s been loads of news media about it but so far the best articles I’ve found are here and here. There’s also this article which sums up pretty nicely how things were a few days before they arrested Jason Autry.

Holly’s case reminds me very much of the Kiplyn Davis case, except that Holly’s abduction was witnessed and got a lot of media attention from the start, whereas Kiplyn’s case was ignored for like a decade before things got going.

The police haven’t said much Holly’s presumed murder in terms of things like a motive or a cause of death, but it would appear that at least two men were involved in her abduction and she may have been drugged to death, and at least one more person was involved in the body disposal. That’s all I can glean from the court documents quoted in the articles I’ve read.

I hope they find her. Her abduction was three years ago this month.

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