Search for Yohanna Cyr still ongoing

The authorities are digging under a Montreal parking lot for the body of Yohanna Cyr, a Quebcois toddler who vanished in 1978.

Her case is a lot like Florida’s Katheryne Lugo: Mom left her boyfriend to babysit the kid, and when she came back the child was gone and the boyfriend gave various unconfirmed stories as to what happened. One account is that Yohanna died, accidentally, during the week that Mom was gone. Another report said she was in Washington State. Mom believes she was sold, possibly to someone in the United States, as the boyfriend is a U.S. citizen.

I had blogged once about Yohanna in 2011. Her mother, Lilianne, posted a comment, but it was in French so I had to rely on Google Translate to read it. From the rough translation I was given, the comment basically said she regretted having left Yohanna in her boyfriend’s care and she would never stop looking for her daughter. This video I found is also in French and I don’t know if it had anything new.

I don’t have a lot of hope that Yohanna is under that parking lot, but I’m glad the authorities are at least still looking. I think it’s disgusting that the boyfriend never faced justice for whatever he did to Johanna, and for torturing Lilianne with his various different stories. He isn’t even named in the article I linked to (or in another one I found from the same publication, which has another picture of Yohanna and a new AP); perhaps the laws in Canada won’t allow the press to name him because he wasn’t convicted of a crime.

Whatever happened to Yohanna, I hope she turns up. And if only I had the time and linguistic capabilities to help by putting her and other Canadian children on the Charley Project website. Oh well; a person can only do so much.

Significant activity in the Holly Bobo case lately

Over the past day or two there’s been loads of activity, including a second arrest, in Holly Bobo‘s 2011 abduction and presumed murder. The police are expecting to indict at least one additional person and possibly more. There’s been loads of news media about it but so far the best articles I’ve found are here and here. There’s also this article which sums up pretty nicely how things were a few days before they arrested Jason Autry.

Holly’s case reminds me very much of the Kiplyn Davis case, except that Holly’s abduction was witnessed and got a lot of media attention from the start, whereas Kiplyn’s case was ignored for like a decade before things got going.

The police haven’t said much Holly’s presumed murder in terms of things like a motive or a cause of death, but it would appear that at least two men were involved in her abduction and she may have been drugged to death, and at least one more person was involved in the body disposal. That’s all I can glean from the court documents quoted in the articles I’ve read.

I hope they find her. Her abduction was three years ago this month.