Annie still needs donations to her dental fund

(I promised I would post this last week Annie, and I didn’t. I’m sorry. I thought I had set it to run automatically when I went to visit my dad’s for the weekend. I was mistaken.)

I have written before about my friend of a decade, Annie Keller, founder of For the Lost. She’s an advocate for all missing people, especially the victims of family abduction, who are kind of her specialty. She’s a very kind, selfless person.

Unfortunately she doesn’t have much money and she needs some serious dental work done. $10,000 worth to be precise. And she’s got no dental insurance. She’s had a GoFundMe page up for a year or so now and has raised about 45% of the necessary funds, but time is running out fast: she needs to have her dental procedure done in a month or it will be too late.

Annie’s calculated that if all of her Facebook friends donate just $10 each she would have the money in no time.

I urge you to chip in a few bucks here. Annie is a deserving cause.

A public service announcement

Last week I added four Arizona MPs to the Charley Project who were listed on this site.

On Saturday I got an email from a friend who works with the Phoenix PD. Referring to the aforementioned cases, here is what he said:

Just FYI, I don’t think these are valid cases and the whole website appears to be a bogus one, that steals elements of NamUs and the Maricopa County ME’s website in an attempt to make it look authentic.

I did a little research and did not find these people listed in NCIC, and they do not appear to be real people.

Why this person felt the need to create a whole website about this…..I have no idea……but I figured I’d let you know.

And I thought I’d let the rest of you know. I have since removed the apparently fake cases.

I find the whole thing bizarre. Why would someone go to the trouble to create a fake missing persons site? They went to some effort to make it look authentic; I admit I was totally taken in by it and I’m pretty embarrassed. Did the person do it just as some kind of joke? If so it was Seriously Not Funny.

Make-A-List Monday: Popular 2012 Girls’ Names

Last week I did a list of Charley Project MPs who had a first name on the Social Security Administration’s top ten list of most popular names given to boys born in the U.S. in 2012. This week I’m doing the girls.

Sophia Anabell Larranaga
Sophia Felecita Moreno
Sophia Zaman Tareq

Emma Lee Carroll
Emma Espinoza
Emma Lee Staten
Emma Frances Tresp
Emma Lorene Vaughn

Isabella Ruth Miller-Jenkins
Isabella M. Pastrana
Isabella Saileanu



Emily Bracamontes
Emily Maria Izykowski
Emily Juan
Emily Alina Koyama
Emily Melchor
Emily Perry
Emily Valentina Rojo-Cruz
Emily Michelle Sawyer
Emily Louise Sellers

Abigail Estrada

Mia Elizabeth Flores
Mia Yokoyama McDonald


Elizabeth Mary Allen
Elizabeth A. Balzer
Elizabeth Barbara Bartholomew
Elizabeth Joy Birgen
Elizabeth Theresa Bishop
Elizabeth Turvey Brown
Elizabeth Alice Brussow
Elizabeth Bump
Elizabeth Mary Byron
Elizabeth W. Calvert
Elizabeth Ann Campbell
Elizabeth Noleeka J. Crawford
Elizabeth A. Eisel
Elizabeth Nicole Forshee-Syperda
Elizabeth Franks
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Ann Gill
Elizabeth Walston Godwin
Elizabeth Doris Johnson
Elizabeth Ann Kenyon
Elizabeth Kovalik
Elizabeth Ann Kutz
Elizabeth Ann Lande
Elizabeth Ann Maggard
Elizabeth Maryrose Mathews
Elizabeth Anne Millares
Elizabeth Ann Miller
Elizabeth Mondelli
Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer
Elizabeth Hall Pratt
Elizabeth Iris Prescott
Elizabeth Hicks Rogers
Elizabeth Sykora
Elizabeth Ann Thomas
Elizabeth Veloz