New MP of the week: Zeta Gordon

Finally changed the missing person of the week: it’s Zeta D. Gordon, a 43-year-old woman who went for a drive after an argument with her husband and never came back. This was in Atchison County, Kansas in the wee hours of October 5, 1992 — my seventh birthday. (I think I got a Baby Rollerblade doll that year.)

It’s not clear what happened to Zeta. On the one hand, her car was found abandoned with her belongings, including her purse, inside. On the other hand, after she went missing there were sightings of her in the area, and some of the witnesses were people who knew her. Her husband, who was never named as a suspect in her disappearance, took his own life in 1997. I don’t know whether they had any children.

If she’s still alive, Zeta would be 65 years old today.

I couldn’t resist sharing this fun fact

I also shared it on my personal Facebook page. This is from the book Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History by Bill Laws. (I’m only up to page 26 but so far it’s fascinating.) From page 10:

Cut into an onion, and a chemical — thiopropanal-S-oxide — is released. It is a substance that reacts on the eye like pepper spray: we are reduced to tears… American biochemist William Frey discovered that while all tears are composed of water, mucus, and salt, tears of sadness contain additional proteins, suggesting that when people cry the body is having an emotional clear-out of stress-related chemicals. Shedding real tears is good for you.