Thought I’d re-run this

Someone asked in the comments section of another blog how many cases on the Charley Project were “famous.” Regular readers of Charley and this blog will know the answer to that question already.

Four and a half years ago I wrote a blog entry on what it takes to make an MP case famous. (In a nutshell: it’s not just wealth or race; there are various other factors involved too.) I still agree with what I said in the entry, and just for kicks I thought I’d bring it up again: The media and missing people.

Make-A-List Monday: 2012 Popular Boys’ Names

This is a list of Charley Project MPs whose first name was one of the top ten most popular’ boys names for babies born in 2012. (This is per the Social Security Administrator’s name page. I’m using 2012 cause they haven’t put together 2013 yet.) I’ve decided to do only those particular names, and not variant spellings. Next week I’ll do girls.

Jacob Allen Bobo
Jacob Cabinaw
Jacob Lee Heckart
Jacob Michael Olivier
Jacob Elias Pope
Jacob Wesley Webster
Jacob Erwin Wetterling

Mason Christopher Fernandez

Ethan James Hernandez
Ethan Ton Kae Fam Saelee


William Mark Adair
William Mark Alley
William Anderson
William Nolan Bass
William O. Beard
William Charles Bisbee
William Dean Bleakley
William Ward Bleakley
William Blodgett
William Walter Brooks Jr.
William Cameron Brown
William Kelly Buntain
William Arlin Bynum
William F. Calvin
William Charles Cordes
William Cowan
William H. Crandell Sr.
William Clark Crumpacker
William Scott Currier
William Andre Davcev
William Edward DeLano
William Christopher Delk
William J. Dennis
William Francis DiSilvestro IV
William LeRoy Douglas Sr.
William Verne Downey
William David Dudley
William Thomas Ukiah Duncan
William Isaac Eastep
William James Elgen
William Henry Ellis
William Edward Evans
William Michael Ewasko
William Farrer
William W. Fields
William Henry Forshee Jr.
William Henry Forshee Sr.
William Charles Fox
William Gaffney
William Theodore Garrison
William Farris Goodmon
William Bourg Gray
William Gu
William Gunn Jr.
William Dale Gunn
William Edward Hamilton
William Pearce Henderson
William R. Hennig
William James Henry
William Chris Hensley
William Ensley Hipp III
William Hoag
William Harry Hollingsworth
William Paul Houran
William Joseph Jamison
William Todd Jarreau
William Asa Jenkins
William Charles Jones
William Ebenezer Jones III
William Taylor Kaminskas
William Charles Lafferty
William Jeffers Lank
William Donald Leach
William Majewski
William McBride III
William Thomas McKay
William Howard McSwain
William L. Meehan
William Dennis Merceri
William George Merriman
William Giulio Minasian
William Earl Moldt
William Carl Myers
William Denzel Newman Jr.
William Wright North
William Henry Nunn
William Richard Ohl
William Patterson
William Herbert Pear
William Perez Sr.
William Dean Ponder
William Thomas Purcell III
William Terry Raulerson
William Carl Reed
William Carl Rigsby
William A. Roberts
William Robertson
William Robert Rochelle
William Francis Rogers
William Larry Roland
William Bruno Leon Sandidge Jr.
William Schmidbauer
William E. Schmitt
William David Shea
William James Simon
William Marshall Sisco Jr.
William Paul Smolinski Jr.
William Edward Sparks
William Ronnie Staggs
William Christopher Stonecipher
William K. Summers Jr.
William Campbell Underhill
William Martin Vosseler
William Jingde Xu
William Weatherall
William Sky Weinischke
William Webster Wells
William Dwight West
William Wilson
William Michael Zani Jr.

Liam F. Morrissey


Michael Jefferson Adams
Michael Richard Alfinito Jr.
Michael Keith Allen
Michael Dean Andrews
Michael Eugene Ashby
Michael Ray Askren
Michael Avicolli
Michael Raymond Barrentine
Michael Paul Bazan
Michael Keith Beaudoin
Michael Darnell Bell
Michael Benavides
Michael Anthony Bennett
Michael Steven Bickel
Michael Robert Bidwell
Michael Black
Michael Ernest Black
Michael James Borges
Michael Bowcott
Michael S. Boyette
Michael H. Brich
Michael Ralph Brougham
Michael James Bruce
Michael Christopher Bruno
Michael Clifford Bundy
Michael Erick Burckley
Michael Duane Burnett
Michael Charles Causley
Michael J. Chouinard
Michael E. Cosgrove
Michael Timothy Costello
Michael Patrick Coyne
Michael Austin Davis
Michael James Delaney
Michael John Delaney
Michael William Doane
Michael Joseph Donohue
Michael Dumont
Michael Norman Dunn
Michael Rolf Eddy
Michael Anthony Elenes
Michael David Ewing
Michael Ficery
Michael Franz
Michael Bradyn Fuksa
Michael Frank Fullerton
Michael James Gaughan
Michael Timothy Georgeoff
Michael Eugene Golub
Michael Gordon II
Michael Scott Gordon
Michael Matthew Gormley
Michael Bruce Gove
Michael A. Grant
Michael Earl Gray
Michael Anthony Green
Michael Lesly Green
Michael Lawrence Griffin
Michael Waynes Grimes
Michael William Grimm
Michael Grochowsky
Michael Daniel Harp
Michael Curtis Hawley Jr.
Michael Edwin Hearon
Michael Lee Henderson
Michael Duane Hissom
Michael John Hodge
Michael Anthony Hughes
Michael Harris Jacobs
Michael Allen Jarvi
Michael Davis Jeffreys
Michael Henry Johnson
Michael Lloyd Johnson
Michael Guy Johnston
Michael Lamont Jones
Michael J. Kelly
Michael S. King
Michael T. Kroell Sr.
Michael Allen Lane
Michael Scott Lattimer
Michael Jermaine Lawson
Michael James Lee
Michael Larry Madden
Michael Pierce Madden
Michael Jose Malinosky
Michael Mancino
Michael D. Mansfield
Michael Charles Marsh
Michael Martinez
Michael Omas Masaoay
Michael DeWitt Mayes
Michael Mayfield
Michael McCool
Michael McDowell
Michael Craig McGhee
Michael P. McAvoy
Michael Jerry McClure
Michael Dale McLaughlin
Michael Scott McLaughlin
Michael McWhorter
Michael Mendoza
Michael Francis Mergen
Michael Joseph Miranda
Michael Lee Montelongo
Michael Morgan
Michael Brendan Nash
Michael Anthony Navarro
Michael Denerie O’Donnell
Michael O’Driscoll
Michael Olson
Michael Ray Orsborn
Michael L. Page
Michael Timothy Palmer
Michael S. Pastor
Michael Pearcy
Michael Richard Pickett
Michael Phillip Proctor
Michael Ryan Rangel
Michael Reinert
Michael Alexander Reyes
Michael Frederick Reynolds
Michael Roy Richards
Michael Alexander Rudolph
Michael Damian Rust
Michael Andrew Salter
Michael Santana
Michael A. Sheppard Jr.
Michael Dean Stephenson
Michael Kenneth Stricklin
Michael Sullivan
Michael L. Summers
Michael Alan Tapley
Michael Russell Taus
Michael Tilton
Michael Truong
Michael George Udow
Michael William Wake
Michael Robert Walczak
Michael James Walsh
Michael Henry Wasik
Michael Way
Michael D. Wilk
Michael P. Williams
Michael Anthony Womack
Michael J. Woodward
Michael Allen Wright
Michael Zapletal
Michael Jerome Zipfel

Alexander Emmanuel Chacon
Alexander Matthew Erb-Sanchez
Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Lengheimer
Alexander Sol Olive
Alexander Edwin Shaw IV
Alexander Robert Masters
Alexander Parks Sr.
Alexander Bonilla Pastrana
Alexander William Skelton
Alexander M. Smith
Alexander Haig Tafralian
Alexander Joseph Talamantes-Bourg