Select It Sunday: Marjorie Knox

This week’s selection is Marjorie Alice Knox, chosen by Cristobal. This fourteen-year-old girl disappeared without a trace on Valentine’s Day, 1987. Authorities believe she could have been the victim of a serial killer. There were also unconfirmed reports that she was pregnant, though what that would have to do with her disappearance I don’t know.

Marjorie was from Chaparral, New Mexico, a small town 25 miles from El Paso, Texas. She attended a party in El Paso on the day of her disappearance and may have been seen walking down the road in Chaparral in the wee hours the next day.

Around the time of her disappearance, several women disappeared from the area and many of them were later found buried in the desert. Marjorie and two others are still missing. David Leonard Wood was convicted of six homicides. He had also lived in Chaparral and knew Marjorie. Other than the circumstances, however, there’s no evidence to tie him to her disappearance. Several execution dates have been set for Wood, but I can’t find any articles saying they’d done it, and as of this past October he was still alive.

Beyond David Leonard Wood, the police don’t seem to have much to go on in her case. At least one of her friends believes she’s alive, but I don’t know why. She still has family looking for her.

Marjorie is of Thai ancestry. If she’s still alive she would be 41 years old today.