Make-a-List Monday: Young People With Dentures

This list is of MPs under age 30 who have dentures, partial dentures or a false tooth.

Carolyn Maryann Bealer, 25
Ronnie Odell Davis, 24
Stephanie Douglas, 25
Diana Lynn Harris, 27
Robert Hay, 27
Ashley Standish Higgins, 19
Felecia Rochell Johnson, 21
Julie Aquisalas King, 24
Ashley Nicole Martin Mauldin, 27
Deborah Rae Meyer, 14
Jeannette Rose Miller, 17
Lori Ann Murchison-Dunbar, 24
Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf, 18
Betty Marie Roberts, 29
Luke Robinson, 24
Rick Anderson Rodriguez, 29
Patricia Ann Schmidt, 21
Faye Aline Self, 26
James Thomas Stanley, 25
Sheri Lynn Swims, 23
Andrew Carnegie Whitfield, 28
Nancy Stewart Hranko Williams, 26

For interested parties I recommend John Woodforde’s delightful book The Strange Story of False Teeth, which is a history of dentures. It’s really interesting and though it’s been out of print for ages, Amazon has used copies for cheap.

4 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: Young People With Dentures

  1. Princess Shantae March 31, 2014 / 7:36 am

    Poor Deborah Meyers was so young to have no teeth left.
    Ashley Mauldin was only 27 but she looks so old. It’s not just the hair either, her face is old.

    • Kat March 31, 2014 / 10:37 am

      I watch a young boy who is eight and a half. When he was younger he got some sort of massive infection (don’t know the details) and he had to have ALL of his upper teeth removed. He has no upper teeth and he is at the dentist all of the time, they are trying to save what is left of his lower teeth, which aren’t many. He’ll have dentures by the time he is ten and for sure permanently by eighteen. He’s hard to understand sometimes, but he’s a great kid and makes the best of it. It’s not always bad hygiene with the young ones. You just never know.

      • Meaghan March 31, 2014 / 9:01 pm

        My dad has had a false tooth, or maybe more than one, since he got into a nasty fistfight at age sixteen or so.

    • Meaghan April 1, 2014 / 3:31 pm

      I think Deborah must have had some medical condition and/or birth defect that she had no teeth left at such a young age.

      I once looked at the website of a dentist who specializes in making false teeth. It was very informative. I learned that dentures are nowhere near as good as real teeth. There’s just no really good replacement for one’s own natural teeth.

      Among other things, once your real teeth fall out, your gums recede into nothingness over a period of months, and dentures can’t make up for that. So even with a very good set of full dentures, your mouth looks puckery and you look older than you are. Also, dentures wear out and need to be replaced regularly, and they’re expensive. And even modern state-of-the-art dentures aren’t as hard as regular teeth and they slip around in the mouth and thus they don’t chew as well. The denture dentist whose site I was looking at said that even if you only had one or two natural teeth left, it’s better to leave those in to sort of “anchor” dentures in place so they don’t slip around as much.

      Another thing I learned is this fun fact: you know how babies are born without teeth, then their baby teeth grow in, and fall out, and then adult teeth grow in, and then in old age those fall out? Well, in rare instances in old people who have lost all their teeth due to age, a THIRD set grows in and they will be like 95 years old and have brand spanking new adult teeth. No one knows why this happens, and why it happens to some people and not others.

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