Flashback Friday: Agnes Shoe

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Agnes Shoe, who vanished from the town of Glenville in east central New York on June 26, 1979. Agnes, a former Franciscan nun with bright curly red hair, vanished on a Tuesday. This may be significant because her husband worked in New York City during the week and only went home to Glenville on weekends. Therefore he should have an alibi for his wife’s disappearance, though I don’t know if this was confirmed or not.

I don’t have much on her — she seems to have simply vanished without a trace and without taking her purse with her. No indications of a crime…except 35 years of silence.

Agnes would be 72 years old on Monday. I doubt she’s still alive, however.

Meanwhile, any suggestions for Sunday?

Everyone keep my nephew in your thoughts

Earlier this week my nephew Nicholas (I wouldn’t post his name, but he doesn’t have the same last name as me so I figure it’s all right cause you can’t figure out his identity) was rushed to the local hospital, and thence to University Hospital in Columbus. They did a four-hour exploratory surgery yesterday and it turns out he has a brain tumor and it’s big. Unknown yet what kind.

Beyond that I don’t have any information. Truthfully I don’t know Nick very well, but I feel so bad for him. He’s 21 years old, in the prime of his life. He and his parents must be absolutely terrified.