Email problem fixed

So, in order to fix the whole “Google blocking my admin forwarding address cause it thought it was sending spam” thing, I deleted the forwarding address and created a mailbox of its own for Anyone who wants to write me on Charley Project related business could and SHOULD write to there, not my gmail address. On the other hand if you’re writing to me on personal business, please write to my account. Thank you.

Alas, more technical difficulties

It has come to my attention that my address doesn’t work. No idea how long this has been going on. I just received a complaint today and sent three test emails to the address, and didn’t get any of them.

I’ve written to my host about the problem to see if can, um, address it. In the meantime, you can reach me at Charley’s Facebook page or at

[UPDATE: Okay, it looks like Google is bouncing the emails because it thinks they’re spam. My host and I are trying to fix this.]