Salena Tackett’s husband takes plea deal, essentially gets off

A Charley Project reader sent this in: Tyrone Tackett, Salena Tackett‘s husband, has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to a whopping five years in prison. He gets credit for time served, which means he’ll be out of jail in less than a month.

The original charge had been first-degree murder and the sentence, life. I think the state’s case must have been very weak if they took a deal such as this.

Hendersonville man accused in wife’s death enters guilty plea
Tackett pleads to manslaughter, out of jail in 3 weeks
Man Pleads Guilty To Voluntary Manslaughter In Wife’s Death

MP of the week: Cindy Valle

I have my WiFi and my power cord back, so I’ll be able to change the missing person of the week at least and maybe update, I’m not sure on that end. This week’s featured MP is Cindy Valle, who was pregnant with a girl when she ran away from her Omaha, Nebraska home on August 26, 2011. Cindy’s daughter was due in December 2011 and would be two years old today.

The only new thing I could find on this case is a Facebook page created by her family, which has some more pictures of her. The FB page says there’s been no activity on Cindy’s social media accounts since she was last seen.