Make-A-List Monday: Pre-Medicine Majors and Med Students

A list of people who, at the time of their disappearances, were either actually in med school or studying pre-med at a college or university. I think pre-med is basically a lot of biology and chemistry and maybe math, I’m not sure. You don’t HAVE to major in that in order to get into medical school, but it certainly helps. Just studying that in college, though, even if you’re bright and you get good grades, is no guarantee you’ll be accepted to medical school. I have a relative who was a pre-med student and made a 4.0 or close to it, but I believe her MCAT scores weren’t good enough to be accepted anywhere. Last I heard she was thinking of becoming a nurse instead.

My psychiatrist told me once, “You are so brilliant. You could be a doctor.”
“I flunked basic chemistry,” I replied.
And he said, “Oh.”

Pre-Med Undergraduates
Colin W. Gillis (State University of New York at Brockport)
Donna Haghighat Jou (San Francisco State University)
Amber Lynn Wilde (University of Wisconsin at Green Bay)

An honorable mention is Cleashindra Denise Hall, who disappeared within days of her high school graduation and planned to study pre-med at Tennessee State University.

Med School Students
Kathleen Durst (Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University)
Brian Randall Shaffer (The College of Medicine at the Ohio State University)