Plea deal in Andrea Parsons disappearance

Chester Price, one of two suspects in the presumed murder of Andrea Parsons, has dropped his plea of not guilty of murder and changed it to no contest of reduced charges of kidnapping and manslaughter. (Always a chicken-guano plea in my opinion, “no contest” means the person doesn’t admit guilt but acknowledges there’s enough evidence to convict him of the crime.) In exchange, Price gets…ten years in prison. For the death of a little girl.

From this article, the prosecutor explains why: “If we went to trial on a case that has issues because of age, lost witnesses, death of witnesses, you could look at the possibility of a not guilty verdict which would mean there’d be no justice, not even a drop of justice for Andrea.”

This article provides further information on why the state’s case was so weak: It’s twenty years old, there’s no body, the star witness is not credible and he also happens to be dead.

The star witness is Claude Davis, the other suspect in Andrea’s disappearance. He was actually charged in her case, but they screwed that up and had to let him go and because of double jeopardy they couldn’t charge him again. Check out Andrea’s Charley Project casefile for details. I was unaware until now that Davis had died.

All of Andrea’s family has left the area and none of them were in court for the sentencing, but her mother submitted this letter.

Very sad.

3 thoughts on “Plea deal in Andrea Parsons disappearance

  1. NH March 16, 2014 / 7:01 pm

    Maybe at least he can tell them where the body is.

  2. Kat March 16, 2014 / 8:24 pm

    I thought she was in a landfill or something…either way, as M. said, what a bull**** thing. I hate these old cases where it seems like well, whatever, nothing left, witnesses dead, etc. He KILLED her. Should be life or the chair. Hope something Dahmer happens to this guy. He deserves it. Huh. Deserves, fair, justice. Good words if they can be applied. So tired of people hoofing off.

  3. holly March 16, 2014 / 11:53 pm

    Cases like this one especially get to me. Seems the monster’s rights are more important than bringing him to justice. I think the time is soon coming in this world where people start taking justice into their own hands. Making speedy trials, attorneys, and trials no more.

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