Canadians give out weekly allowance for parents of missing and murdered children

Per the government is offering a grant of $350 a week for parents who had to take time off because their children have been murdered or gone missing. You have to apply for it and it only lasts for a maximum of 35 weeks, or eight or nine months. This program is in its early stages and so far the number of applicants has been “modest.”

From the article:

In order for parents to be eligible, they must have made at least $6,500 income the previous calendar year and be on leave from all employment. The child must be less than 18 years old and have been missing or deceased “as a result of a probable Criminal Code offence” and, in the case of death, the child must not have been a “willing party” to the crime.

A victim advocate said lack of awareness is most likely the reason for the modest participation in the program.

My thoughts:

$350 a week isn’t much — that sum is almost insultingly low. Dollar per dollar, Canadian and U.S. money are worth about the same amount. I don’t know how that income level works in Canada — maybe things are cheaper there, I dunno — but $350 a week is only about minimum wage in the U.S., and minimum wage isn’t even designed to be enough to live on.

On the other hand, it is SOMETHING at least, and I don’t think the U.S. offers any compensation at all in these situations. I know there are funds run by individual states that compensate crime victims for actual expenses, such as medical bills, but I don’t know that they compensate relatives of crime victims or missing persons, and I don’t know if “lost work time due to emotional earthquake from having missing/murdered child” would fit the compensation criteria.

I’d love to hear what my Canadian readers think of this.

Make-A-List Monday: The First Family

I’m not talking here about the First Family in the sense of Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama. I thought about doing a list of Charley MPs with those names, but I could find nobody for Barack and Malia and only one Sasha (and many Michelles, but I didn’t count them). This is a list of Charley Project MPs with the names of the first family from the Bible: Adam and Eve, and their three sons, Cain, Abel, and Seth. For convenience’s sake I’m only doing people with those as their first names, no middle or last names.

Adam Brandwein
Adam John Breaux
Adam Brundage
Adam Dodson
Adam Elkhadiri
Adam A. Hale
Adam Arthur Hecht
Adam Joseph Herrman
Adam Hutchinson
Adam Kaplan
Adam Christopher Kellner
Adam Benjamin Lake
Adam Puchkoff
Adam Yasser Shahin
Adam Osama Shannon
Adam John Wohnoutka

Uh, no one. Lots of Evelyns though, and at least one Eva.

No one here either, though there are a few with Cain as a last name.

Abel Garcia Jr.
Abel Rosales
Abel Calderon Salgado
Abel Santiago

Seth Peter Morningsun
Seth Allen Uptain