Murder charges filed in Holly Bobo case

As several Charley Project viewers were so kind to share with me, charges have been filed in the disappearance of nursing student Holly Bobo, who was abducted from her Darden, Tennessee home nearly three years ago. She was 20 years old. The abduction was witnessed by Holly’s brother, Clint, but he initially didn’t realize what he was seeing: he thought Holly was simply walking into the woods with her boyfriend. It turned out her boyfriend was miles away at the time.

This was a pretty famous case nationally, for a number of reasons: Holly’s cousin is a country music star, her abduction was witnessed, her family was very active and vocal in the search for her, and she is/was a beautiful young woman, blonde and all-American looking. There are lots of photos of her and the camera clearly loves her.

Holly’s accused killer is a neighbor, Zachary Rye Adams, who may face the death penalty if convicted of aggravated murder and kidnapping. He’s already in jail for an unrelated charge of aggravated assault. As far as I know, his name had not surfaced in the Bobo investigation until quite recently.

Investigators haven’t said whether they’ve recovered Holly’s remains, though I’m guessing not, otherwise why wouldn’t they say so?

Next time I update I will, of course, include the new developments. Maybe it will be today, maybe not. I’ve got a cold and am feeling pretty run-down today.

Man indicted in case of missing Tennessee woman Holly Bobo
Authorities may pursue death penalty in Holly Bobo murder case
Tenn. man charged with 2011 kidnapping, murder of Holly Bobo

5 thoughts on “Murder charges filed in Holly Bobo case

  1. Ilya March 6, 2014 / 1:50 pm

    For some reason her case reminds me of Jacob Wetterling, though I’m 100% sure that there’s no real connection.

    • Meaghan March 6, 2014 / 1:51 pm

      I can see why you’d think of them together, though. They were both abducted quite openly and dragged off into the woods.

  2. Crystal March 8, 2014 / 7:43 pm

    Ugh. I bet her brother wishes he could have those few minutes to do over.

    • Meaghan March 8, 2014 / 8:00 pm

      We all have regrets. If her brother had intervened, there’s a good chance he would have been killed too.

  3. Kurt Saldutti September 27, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    Like millions across our country who have taken an interest I have also as these types of crimes on females have become an epidemic in our country and throughout the world. I’m looking at this the best I know how as if I’m the fly on the wall. We do have to keep one thing in mind here that it certainly seemed longer in time of this actual crime but remember this all happened within a few hours, not days. Holly Bobo was abducted, raped, beaten and murdered all within most likely early daylight morning hours all within the same day April 13th. 2011. It was said her body was handled wrapped in a blanket in a bed of a pickup truck for quite a while before it was taken out to where her partial remains were found approx. 3.5 years later in 2014. (Who was all involved handling (moving) Holly’s body around during phases of the entire timeline? Timeline with names and locations. This is extremely important in regards to questions of involvement) Zak Adams and Shayne Austin as mentioned where involved with holly Bobo’s final hours after Zak Adams had dropped off Jason Autry at a church site after the shooting murder and abandoning the idea of gutting Holly’s torso and dropping her body in the deep area of the river. I believe the church site where Zak Adams had dropped off Jason Autry was off of the southern end of Yellow Springs road where Shayne Austin grandmother property was and Shayne Austin’s trailer and the old barn where Holly Bobo was taken, raped and beating and presumed dead. It was said in court they chopped up her body. To me this is hear-say because her remains where found not far off of Kelly road area north of I40 near where Jason Autry is said to be living. Correct me if I am wrong here.
    The abduction
    • Holly Bobo was not quietly abducted early on that morning. You would have to believe this abduction of Holly Bobo was an all-out shocking stressful and panic situation. This is the question of why did many items go with her such as her wallet, cellphone, and most puzzling her black and white poke a dot lunch bag? I now know as mentioned she was going to her car in the carport/garage that appears to be always opened out to the dirt or gravel driveway (pictures online) to leave for school. She had those personal possessions with her but not yet in her car? Why not drop all that baggage on the ground before being escorted forcefully into the woods? Wouldn’t the abductor not want Holly to have her cell phone for very obvious reasons? Wouldn’t the abductor make sure she left her cell phone at her home?
    • Holly most likely was dress for School at the time of her abduction or maybe in other clothing before getting changed for school?
    • Is it known that she may had known or an acquaintance of the person who took her into the woods.
    • Did that person break into Holly’s home or walked in through an unlocked door?
    • Was it thought the abductor may have been familiar with the Bobo’s home or at least the area that she was taken from such as the door, kitchen, dining room etc. carport/garage and property layout etc.
    • Was Holly taken from the carport/garage itself and not at the dining room table area where her mother last said to had seen her?
    • It was said Holly was (upset shock scared) and/or yelling as this person who entered the home/car port/garage property supposedly looking for Clint Bobo for other reasons and took Holly instead. That was mention in several TV station news media articles. A neighbor who was going to work was said to had heard Holly’s voice as being stressful and panicked saying something like “stop! Please Stop! This neighbor even drove around into the Bobo driveway to check on Holly, even turning off his engine to see if he could hear anything again. How was it with such a disturbance or confrontation that it did not wake up Clint Bobo sooner as it was so violent Holly’s blood was found in the carport. It was also reported (Neighbor’s account as reported and documented) “Another witness testified he heard arguing and screaming around 8 a.m. the morning Holly went missing. He claimed it sounded like the nursing student was yelling, “Stop! I said stop!” He then drove to the Bobos’ driveway and cut his engine to listen for any other sounds before heading to work. Several hours later, he called his mom to check on the family”. Please note; Looking at the Bobo family home on Google maps is quite a bit away from any of the neighbor’s that was said to hear Holly Bobo scream seems a bit questionable. Any rebuttal here? Check it out.
    (IMO) I believe that Clint Bobo did know who the person was to some degree and was not about to do anything on his own to stop the situation as turned out to be Holly’s abduction. I believe Clint Bobo and many others in the area where fiercely intimidated by that gang of drug fueled bad boys believing they are extremely dangerous and even deadly. Clint acted after the fact calling out for help to his mother etc. Why Clint Bobo didn’t call authority immediately was said he believed it may have been Holly’s boyfriend but then he realized the person in camouflage was taller and stockier and had a deeper voice? Note this; Does that mean Clint Bobo was actually awake and did hear the panic conversation between the abductor and Holly? Where were the police with this account? What do they make of all of this. So, if Clint Bobo either knew or believed he most likely knew who took Holly maybe he was true that Clint Bobo was suspected to learn about how to “cook meth” that morning and he didn’t want that to come out. Remember that was also reported in several articles.
    • What was the get a way vehicle used from the Bobo home?
    o Where was it parked and if so where was it parked. Was this vehicle parked where it could be seen by others?
    o Holly was taken through the wood to where? They show a trail like road off the Bobo property
    o Was she rushed out to a waiting vehicle either on or near Swan Johnson Road?
    o Was there someone else waiting in this vehicle?
    o Was the vehicle Adams white or black Nisan pickup trucks?
    o Was the vehicle Dick Adams work Van? Is there logos or signage on Dick Adams work Van?
    o Were there restraints involved such as rope, cords tape etc. a gag?
    o Holly’s Bobo’s blood in the carport, was it consistent with the time of the abduction? As documented Holly bled a good bit at the Bobo house carport most likely during the abduction, wouldn’t she have left blood in the get a way vehicle?
    o The ride up the road from the Bobo house was quite a distance, estimated over twenty minutes according to the suspected route taken they had to most likely drive through the (Bible Hill area) and making their way up onto (Club Creek Hall Rd) continued to (Gooch Rd) where some of Holly Bobo personal articles found (poke a dot lunch bag) making their way to (Horny Head Creek Rd). from there are several roads not mentioned to get to Shayne Austin grandmother’s property. Shayne Austin’s Grandmother’s property is the location of Shayne Austin trailer home and an old barn where Holly Bobo was taken to and where she was repeatedly raped and beaten according to court testimony and thought to be dead wrapped in the blanket according to Jason Autry words emulated from Zak Adams under the I40 overpass. All that way with a frantic abducted woman broad daylight dumping her personal possessions out along the way most likely in an old Nisan pickup truck that everyone knew belonged to the Adams family. Being mid-April most like windows down are and yet no one seemed to see or hear them as Holly was not showing much panic during the ride, or threaten or restrained? Please note this also is an important; the actual abduction vehicle as far as I know was never mentioned. It very well could have had Holly’s blood in it no matter how well they believe they may have cleaned it. Holly was said to on her period at the time of her abduction. That means even more blood could had been introduced as evidence.
    o Was it one of the two Nissan pickup trucks?
    o Was it Dick Adam’s work van? That would make even more sense being a van offers concealment
    o Was it some other vehicle that could be associated with any of the suspects or friends etc.
    o Was maybe a knife or some type of weapon introduced as a threat against Holly?
    o Who threw her personal belonging over an extremely wide area but easily found just off the streets in scrub foliage almost just out of plain sight. Who does that throwing breadcrumbs as if they were meant to be found. Was it maybe someone who felt extreme remorse major guilt? That is an important thing to look at as this is someone who needs to get something off their chest. I’m thinking Dylan Adams or maybe even Shayne Austin attributing to his Florida Suicide. They say his was torn up because of this crime.
    • They talk about this old barn where Holly was raped etc. that was on Shayne Austin’s grandmother’s property and was torn down some time later as the property changed hands. Where exactly was that property on Yellow Springs road? No address or map point was ever disclosed to the public that I know of in relation to other points such the Bobo home, the Adam Lane family homestead off SR 69, all personal articles of Holly’s spread around the area that were items found and documented and the Victor Dinsmore home off of Yellow Springs Road (personal Bobo articles) found just east and west of that property. Jason Autry home where it is said he was living was off Kelly road north of I40 was the furthest suspect from the Austin property as other direct suspects lived very close to one another. The exact location of Holly’s remains location was never pinpointed on a map that I can find, just a google pin point icon but that is just generalized. A location north of I-40 in the vicinity of an area called “Kelly road” Remember again It’s said that Holly’s remains were found around Kelly road area, isn’t that where Jason Autry lived around 215 Kelly Road?
    • This is so very sad and most likely gruesome and baffling but I stress (extremely important) and most likely of course reserved as evidence during the trails. Jason Autry testified Holly Bobo while wrapped in the blanket in a pickup truck under the I-40 overpass and the Tennessee river where Jason Autry and Zak Adams are talking about gutting Holly’s torso to remove buoyancy, Jason Autry is said to notice that Holly may had moved her foot and may had made a distressful sound. Janson Autry concerned that Holly may be coherent enough to had heard conversations and possibly his name mentioned. If Holly Bobo was actually in that mentioned pickup truck wasn’t Holly’s body in the truck’s bed and the suspects in the cab? How would Holly had heard conversations especially in the supposing dire condition she was said to be now. After all Zak Adams believed Holly was dead? Remember It was said on several TV news media articles that Zak Adams was wanting the use of his grandfather’s work van. Was this van used to move Holly Bobo to the river not a pickup truck? Would you ride around with a dead body that at this point a mass development of people are looking for including all available law enforcement. That would mean Holly Bobo would have been in the van not a pickup truck bed wrapped in the blanket having a far better chance of understanding conversations within the vans interior. Maybe that van was also used for the entire crime. It would make perfect sense to use a van for the abduction as it was far less conspicuous than the Nissan pickup trucks. The abduction and moving Holly’s Bobo’s body around certainly would be far safer to be moving an abducted victim already being searched for in a van not an open pickup truck especially one the police knew the Adams boys associated with. Was Dick Adams work van ever searched and tested for Holly’s blood and evidence?
    • Let’s remember that Jason Autry was wanting to finish her as he went to make sure no one was around to witness the murder crime as Zak Adams retrieve the .32 caliber revolver from the vehicle and shot Holly in the back of her head says the documentation statement from Jason Autry in the courtroom. Why is it that Zak Adams believed Holly Bobo must have been dead before they arrived at the overpass and river area? Was Holly intentionally (thought to be) murdered before the ride out to the river? Was she injured enough by ((who??)) enough to be thought to be dead? Were Holly’s injuries committed by someone who believed they intentionally killed her as in (murdered her). In other words, we most likely have a murder by the hands of more than one person or the same person but the first attempt failed? What was done to Holly, prior to arriving at the river? Dire condition committed at the barn? Was it some other location? Have all location of Holly Bobo’s whereabouts been documented and searched and gone over by TBI and local and state law enforcement? Was Holly shot a second time? Use of another weapon or other means. Who was involved with her injuries besides Zak Adams and to what extent? What was done to Holly Bobo beside the multiple rapes? This is very important and it very well may include others who are not in the direct sights of the prosecution. It was said to have been recorded on a cell phone video. How much was recorded and to what extent? How many people appear in this video? It was said by Jeff Pearcy roommate ((Sandra King)) she saw a short take of this video and saw a blonde female tied up ((hand/arms tied above her head as she related in the courtroom gesture)) she said she looked like Holly Bobo as she sees Zak Adams in the said video as she believed Holly was about to be raped. At this point lets count how many people where at this so-called elusive old barn site, I now count four or five if Jason Autry was also actually there also. One of the people there was not even counted as a suspect by this point in the trial because he and his brother where removed from the suspect list. Jeff Pearcy who was said to had taken the cell phone video in real-time. How do we know if he also participated in the rape and whatever else was done to Holly? We have at that point no real idea what timeline that was in the video. We have no real idea what condition Holly was in around that timeline in the video. There is a good chance that if that recording left that phone (sent to someone else)(copied and /or saved to another device for any reason at any time or even pick from the phone in a hack in today’s world even back in 2011 that very well could mean the very real possibility that video may be in the digital space. There are thousands of dark web sites throughout the world that may have that very video and not even know it. If it was found it would be a total game changer. It would also implicate Jeff and Mark Pearcy again as well as Sandra King. Remember this, Holly’s fragmented bone remains most likely would not show even if she was shot earlier that morning. There was the one skull bullet depression. Holly could have been shot in some other area of her body. Could have been any means of murder that may but not had been successful.
    • Dylan Adams as documented by several mentions, that he has mental conditions with a much below average IQ as this is also according to his Grandfather Dick Adams on the stand. It was also disputed to a degree by the fact that Dylan Adams could drive as he possesses a Tennessee valid driver’s license as well as he can read to some extent and make himself food to eat etc. He could not tell time on an analog watch etc. Was Dylan fit mentally enough to commit rape or to follow others and know what he partook in was wrong and illegal even worse the horrendous harm, pain and suffering being committed on the victim Holly Bobo. Did this influence an urgency to talk about the crimes that he took part in and witnessed. Was Dylan Adams taken advantage of and maybe even cohoused by authorities with his interview implicating everyone including himself including as well as ((Jason Autry)) with (documented stated) rapes and other (undocumented at least to the public) atrocities. Jason Autry claims he never knew Holly Bobo, didn’t even know what she looked like. According to the interviews and on the stand, he was not present during the abduction and during the rapes etc. His first encounter with the Holly Bobo crime was meeting up with Zak Adams for drugs and to “help him with a problem” finally stating help moving a body.
    • It is not clear much of what was said and participation Shayne Austin played in this crime. There is of course much not being divulged as it is not ready to be made public with future trails in session. Shayne Austin was said to had a conversation or argument with others as it came up “hitting it” meaning having intercourse with the victim Holly Bobo. It was quite evident Shayne Austin was involved in the rape and other atrocities or most likely more than being involved than moving Hollys Body to her final resting place or moving Holly while alive or when they believed she was dead. There are a ton of variables here, a mass of combinations with lies, excuses, disbeliefs, denials, I mean this is a hodgepodge of a situation that cannot be figured out without solid cooperation and I do not believe that will ever happen.
    • This my personal observation of the abduction as there is very little written about and/or publicly known about that event in this case. I’ve made my opinion known about Clint Bobo that morning but it can be looked at further and for very good reason. It was noted that Holly went to a festival (coon hunt festival) with friend Candace Wood. “10:43 a.m. – Candace Wood takes the stand. Church member of Holly. Girlfriend of Justin Lowry, employee of City and he was a co-worker with Drew Scott, Holly’s boyfriend. They went on a double date with Holly and Drew to go to the Coon Hunt on April 9 at the Decatur County Fairgrounds. They got there at 10 or 10:30. She was people watching. She saw a man to her left wearing camouflage, standing still. He was tall and fat. She saw him on his cell phone looking down looking at her and Holly, scooting dirt with his foot and looking up on occasion at them, it happened 5 or 6 times, 10-20 feet away. Candace felt uncomfortable and they left. She tugged on Justin’s sleeve and said, “let’s go”, she never mentioned it to anyone that day. A few days later, she learned that Holly was missing. Karen Bobo reached out to her days later. Karen asked if she saw anything odd, she said she did. She then reported what she saw to police and assist a sketch artist. She begins to cry. They display the sketch on the screen to jury. She shows a photo of a person and is asked who it is and she says it’s the person that she saw at the fairgrounds. She met again with law enforcement about the photograph of the man and was asked the height and weight of the person in the photo. She gave them the description. The photo is of Shayne Austin.” Now most of us know the guy or gal who is a kind of a misfit. In school maybe even bullied for being overweight and frumpy looking maybe depressed looking. It’s a shame this reality exists but that is human nature for better or worse that’s life. But if we let ourselves with intelligence profile this charter Shayne Austin you now must add to this persona documented hard drug addiction and the associations Shayne hangs with. He was part of a gang with a well-known label that where known to be intimidating (bad news reputations) with constant known run-ins with law enforcement by so many in the area. Most of all you must take into consideration the illicit drugs presented in this argument. Please bear with me here. Methamphetamine is the most potent and most structured powerful amphetamine of the class drug of powerful stimulants. Now I’m not here to educated anyone in pharmaceuticals but growing up as a bit of a hippy wild child in the 60s and 70s let’s just say I know a good bit about certain compounds. Meth. can be highly addictive and worse is not like many other additive drugs as like even heroin, a totally different class of drug. There is a reason Meth. back in the day was called “Jet fuel” and it sparked the violence and deaths at the Monterey Jazz festival and many, many other violent encounters. Meth addicted people have extreme painful body aches and joint pains etc., as Meth. is extremely hard on every inch of your body including psychotic delusions. It was always knowing that the most perfect illicit drug combination was Methamphetamine and opioid drugs such as pharmaceutical pain drugs of street heroin and other types. You have the powerful stimulant without the body pain and the euphoric element of the opioid high all in one. People doing such combinations such as all the defendants ((documented testimony)) and you place theses charters that basically have no life, no real jobs, no material possessions worth anything, no real relationships, living basically in squalor or with someone else such as parents and relatives. This combination is pure “trouble”! Methamphetamine has always been known to be a “crap shot” when it’s come to sexual performance. It will fail you at the worse times or it can make you into superman. That is control you do not have with this drug. These old boys I am sure have such psychotic delusions and one of them is the want and need for sexual activity. Unfortunately, violence and mindless justification is what we have here. “justification is the reason for all actions” one my personal sayings as it is true. I will cut to the chase here; Shayne Austin I believe was the person or persons who abducted Holly Bobo. At the coon festival, he saw what he believed (for good reason) what he could never have most likely in his lifetime. He saw the classic looks on both girls faces as “disgust” that person that was staring at them as “creepy, weird obnoxious repulsive”. Shayne also was probably on his cellphone to Zak Adams at the coon festival while describing Holly a “hot blond” or something in that context as the one to take or let’s get her. To Shayne Austin it was the same as being bullied maybe even worse and the total combination of Shayne himself and the drugs and his associations he certainly (I would make bet on it) sought after a personal revenge by going after Holly Bobo weather it was premeditated (planned) or spontaneous either way my bet Shayne Austin abducted Holly with Zak and / or Dylan Adams in Dick Adams work van. I also believe at least to some degree Clint Bobo may of known who it was and was afraid to directly face the situation alone knowing all too well the horrid reputation of this gang.
    • 09-22-2017 Ok good day 10 of the Zak Adams trial seems my assumption was correct as it was said it was Shayne Austin who abducted Holly as that made perfect sense.
    With trials, still to come for the rest of the suspects there will be highly keep details throughout and divulged only as needed during those separate trials. All details and timelines etc. do not ever need to be ever known to the public unless they come out in these future suspects trials but they are extremely important maybe not so much for convictions because I do firmly believe they will be fully successfully convicted as they have done with Zak Adams case. These details are more for law enforcement and psychoanalyst who study and work with female abduction crimes. These details set important details and presidents that have been repeatedly known throughout such crimes but each crime case has its own unique events and personalities. If Jason Autry whereabouts were true and I’m not saying his timeline and locations or involvement are all hard truth or accurate evidence but that would be three men who know most everything about the abduction and all the facts of what happen to Holly Bobo including individual and collective motive. Important to note; Without any doubt, there is a reason that Zak Adams believed Holly Bobo was dead in the blanket at the Tennessee river I40 overpass area and that truth was not presented to the court or the public as far as I know. I still say Holly Bobo was murdered twice the first attempt undenounced to Zak Adams the first attempt must have failed. Shayne Austin and Dylan Adams and of course Zak Adams know the whole detailed truth. Shayne Austin is gone but Dylan Adams is a talker and he most likely knows a whole lot of details that Shayne Austin and Zak Adams knew. Very good chance Dylan Adams was witness to much of if not all of what happened before during and after of Holly Bobo physical and mental condition. Remember this entire crime was an extremely short timeline. Basically, the actual time from the abduction until Hollys murder and remains placed was may be under three hours and in broad daylight except within the barn. Think about this, If it wasn’t for Shayne Austin’s neighbor mowing his lawn the horrors in the barn may had gone on much longer. I sure hope Dylan Adams is well protected. Dylan Adams trial will be extremely interesting and very well may implicate several other people including the Pearcy brother’s and roommate Sandra King and even to some degree Victor Dinsmore and Dick Adams as material witnesses. Even though some of these folks have some a degree of immunity with federal and /or the state some agreement where said never signed or implemented. New detailed involvements very well could bring new separate charges. Remember, Zak Adams has never admitted or confessed as he maintains his innocence. Dylan Adams trail could change all that. I know one thing that is without question with the Holly Bobo’s case, that is the sorrowful ridiculous police work during the early days of this crime in 2011. This case became a teaching instrument for what not to do in investigative police work and the Bobo family and especially Holly didn’t deserve that.

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