I’m probably tempting fate by saying this, but…

…lately my life has been going very well. Over the past week or so I’ve realized I feel good, like, really good. Frankly, I don’t feel good very often, and I’m really enjoying this feeling. I feel very optimistic about things and I’m getting a lot of stuff done. It feels nice to be regularly updating Charley again after having to take time off due to the stomach flu.

I know, of course, that this will not last. But I’m enjoying the ride while I can.

Germantown Historical Society opens Charley Ross exhibit

This was sent to me by my cousin Dejah. (Hi, Dejah!) The Germantown Historical Society in Pennsylvania has opened an exhibit on the ransom kidnapping of four-year-old Charley Ross, for whom the Charley Project is named. It includes all the original ransom notes.

Why the exhibit is called “Kidnapped: Lost and Found” I do not know, seeing as how Charley was never found.

Two new ET entries by me

From February 17: the biggest mass execution in Tennessee history, of eight War of 1812 deserters.

From February 28: a slave named Julius, who’d attempted to kill his mistress so he could rob the family and run away to a free state. Ironically, in spite of what he’d done to them, Julius’s owners did not want him executed, because he was their only slave and they knew they would not get compensated by the state for the economic loss.

Select It Sunday: Michael Erick Burckley

Selected by some person whose name I can’t remember, who put in a request on the Charley Project Facebook page for me to write about Michael Erick Burckley.

Unfortunately, about this case there’s very little to say. Michael disappeared from Albuquerque, New Mexico on New Years’ Day, 2001. He was 28 years old and needed medication for unclear reasons. His profile is one of those “few details are available” ones, and hasn’t been updated in the entire nine and a half years that the Charley Project has been in existence.

If he is still alive, he would be 42 years old today.