Make-A-List Monday: Babysitters

[Goddarn it, this was supposed to run NEXT Monday. Oh well, my bad.]

People who disappeared while either babysitting, on their way to babysit, or — in one case — thinking they were going to be babysitting.

Crystal Marie Haag
Evelyn Grace Hartley
Nahida Ahmed Khatib
Heather Nicole Kullorn
Lori Jean Lloyd
Maria De Los Angeles Martinez
Nadine Jean O’Dell
Carla Kaylene Owens
Jonnie Renee White

Make-a-List Monday: Young People With Dentures

This list is of MPs under age 30 who have dentures, partial dentures or a false tooth.

Carolyn Maryann Bealer, 25
Ronnie Odell Davis, 24
Stephanie Douglas, 25
Diana Lynn Harris, 27
Robert Hay, 27
Ashley Standish Higgins, 19
Felecia Rochell Johnson, 21
Julie Aquisalas King, 24
Ashley Nicole Martin Mauldin, 27
Deborah Rae Meyer, 14
Jeannette Rose Miller, 17
Lori Ann Murchison-Dunbar, 24
Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf, 18
Betty Marie Roberts, 29
Luke Robinson, 24
Rick Anderson Rodriguez, 29
Patricia Ann Schmidt, 21
Faye Aline Self, 26
James Thomas Stanley, 25
Sheri Lynn Swims, 23
Andrew Carnegie Whitfield, 28
Nancy Stewart Hranko Williams, 26

For interested parties I recommend John Woodforde’s delightful book The Strange Story of False Teeth, which is a history of dentures. It’s really interesting and though it’s been out of print for ages, Amazon has used copies for cheap.

Select It Sunday: Jamel Montrice Williams

This week’s Select It Sunday case was chosen by Orla: Jamel Montrice Williams, who (allegedly) disappeared from the back steps of his mother’s apartment at a Toledo, Ohio housing project on May 25, 1994. He was three and a half years old, going on four. If he’s still alive he’ll be 24 in August.

I say Jamel “allegedly” disappeared on May 25 for the following reasons:

1. None of the family’s neighbors reported seeing Jamel at all since he and his mother and her boyfriend moved into the complex on April 15, more than a month before his reported disappearance, and
2. The police could find no evidence of Jamel’s presence in the apartment.

To cap it off, Jamel’s mom and her boyfriend were uncooperative with the investigation, and the mother refused to provide a DNA sample for comparison with any unidentified remains that should turn up.

It doesn’t look good.

Although he’s of mixed black and white ancestry, Jamel had blue eyes and blonde hair in 1994 and from his (admittedly black and white) pictures, he looks white to me. If he’s still alive, I think people should be looking for a young white man. If he is still alive, he probably doesn’t remember his origins and thinks that whoever raised him are be his parents. I did my usual searches but couldn’t find any new info on this case since I wrote about it nine months ago.

Frankly, I don’t have a lot of hope that he’s alive, but this case is certainly solvable. Chances are multiple people know what happened to little Jamel. It’s not too late for them to come forward with information.

This case needs all the coverage it can get, so…

I noticed that News One for Black America did an article on Jeremiah Huger‘s disappearance. The article quotes his grandfather, but contains precisely nothing new. Nevertheless, I thought I should make note of it on my blog because poor Jeremiah has gotten so little media attention over the past 28 years.

Update on my nephew

Nick had surgery to remove the brain tumor. They couldn’t get it all unfortunately. 😦 The biopsy is still pending. In the meantime, he’s been released from the hospital and is probably on his way home as I write this. How they managed that I don’t know, seeing as how he just had brain surgery, but I suppose until the test results are back they can’t do anything more for him.

Here’s to hoping it’s benign.

Flashback Friday: Agnes Shoe

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Agnes Shoe, who vanished from the town of Glenville in east central New York on June 26, 1979. Agnes, a former Franciscan nun with bright curly red hair, vanished on a Tuesday. This may be significant because her husband worked in New York City during the week and only went home to Glenville on weekends. Therefore he should have an alibi for his wife’s disappearance, though I don’t know if this was confirmed or not.

I don’t have much on her — she seems to have simply vanished without a trace and without taking her purse with her. No indications of a crime…except 35 years of silence.

Agnes would be 72 years old on Monday. I doubt she’s still alive, however.

Meanwhile, any suggestions for Sunday?

Everyone keep my nephew in your thoughts

Earlier this week my nephew Nicholas (I wouldn’t post his name, but he doesn’t have the same last name as me so I figure it’s all right cause you can’t figure out his identity) was rushed to the local hospital, and thence to University Hospital in Columbus. They did a four-hour exploratory surgery yesterday and it turns out he has a brain tumor and it’s big. Unknown yet what kind.

Beyond that I don’t have any information. Truthfully I don’t know Nick very well, but I feel so bad for him. He’s 21 years old, in the prime of his life. He and his parents must be absolutely terrified.

Email problem fixed

So, in order to fix the whole “Google blocking my admin forwarding address cause it thought it was sending spam” thing, I deleted the forwarding address and created a mailbox of its own for Anyone who wants to write me on Charley Project related business could and SHOULD write to there, not my gmail address. On the other hand if you’re writing to me on personal business, please write to my account. Thank you.