Make-a-List Monday: People with plates in them

MPs with plates surgically implanted in their bodies (usually to repair broken bones).

Angela Dawn Bates
James Roy Bridenstine Jr.
Mary Gertrude Brosley
Alicia Digna
Charles Wane Dodd
Antonio Dominguez
Ricky Lee Frayer
Marco Antonio Guarderas
Billie Jean Hall
Matthew Ellis Keith
Joe David Key
Willy Ray Lecompte
Benjamin Lopez Jr.
Joseph Arthur Martin Jr.
Wilbert Martin
Robert Lawrence Rollins
James S. Ruland
Jonathan Lee Zeigler

Select It Sunday: Ada Marie Odell

Ada Marie Odell‘s sister asked me to profile her for Ada’s birthday. I wasn’t able to do that ON her birthday, on account of being sick, but I figured I could do it now. Ada turned 54 on February 13. She’s been missing from Dunnellon, Florida since June 30, 2010, and left all her belongings behind.

Disturbingly, Ada’s live-in boyfriend, Raul Diaz Sosa, disappeared at the same time she did and didn’t resurface for almost two weeks. And when he did, he refused to talk to the police about his missing girlfriend. Hmm…

Needless to say, Ada is considered missing under suspicious circumstances.

I’m still here

Sorry I’ve kind of disappeared on you, guys. You wouldn’t believe how many emails have piled up in my inbox, awaiting my attention. And articles waiting to be read, and so on. The Lyon sisters, etc.

So I was sick with the stomach complaint for several days. Thursday night I started feeling better and went to see my dad, but I didn’t really start eating again until last weekend. I had thought to resume Charley Project work on Monday, but the internet has been extremely cranky and difficult, and I’ve been preoccupied with other things. Monday’s University of California alumni list wouldn’t have appeared if it hadn’t been pre-scheduled.

I will try to get something done today, though, or tomorrow at the latest, even if I have to go and use the library’s WiFi to do it. Otherwise I’ll soon be buried under the avalanche of accumulated work.

Make-a-List Monday: University of California

The University of California system is viewed as a “public Ivy” by people who are interested in such things; that is to say, it’s one of the best public universities in the country. There are nine undergraduate campuses, each with its own admissions standards: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. (There’s also a campus at San Francisco, which is dedicated solely to graduate education.) Merced is the newest; its first class graduated in 2009. I think Berkeley and UCLA are the most selective of the campuses, but all of them are supposed to be good.

Wikipedia says there are currently 234,464 current UC students, and over 1.6 million living alumni. This list is of Charley Project MPs who attended or used to attend UC schools. I included those that only attended for a short time before dropping out or transferring to another school, such as Kristen Smart.

Shawn Farzad Attaie (Santa Barbara)
Daniel Lee Cho (San Diego)
James Junhee Goh (Irvine)
James Nicholas Gray (Berkeley)
Roger Lenard Jung (Berkeley)
Nancy Jean MacDuckston (Santa Barbara)
Kristen Deborah Modaferri (Berkeley)
Kieran A. Murphy (Berkeley)
Michael William Negrete (Los Angeles)
Kristen Denise Smart (Santa Barbara)
Gavin Smith (Los Angeles)
Dat Tat Tran (San Diego)
Sergei Turin (Berkeley)

Byron Eric Page had been accepted to several UC schools by the time of his disappearance, but had yet to enroll anywhere.