Dreamed about NamUs

Last night I had a dream about NamUs. I dreamed I’d discovered a keyboard shortcut — ctrl-U — that made each entire casefile visible to me, including all the stuff that’s hidden to private citizens who aren’t law enforcement. Of course I was basically drooling over the treasure trove of information that had suddenly been revealed to me, but uncertain what to do with it all, since it was supposed to be hidden and if I posted it on Charley it would no longer be so.

In real life, ctrl-U shows you the sourcecode for pages.

Flashback Friday: Janet Kramer

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Janet Ann Kramer. She was thirteen and living in a group home for girls when she disappeared from Willmar, Minnesota. Presumed to have run away. The date of disappearance is given as January 1, 1971, but I wonder if that’s accurate. January 1 seems a strange date to run away on, especially in Minnesota, and that date is often used when the person disappeared at some unknown date in a particular year.

I Googled “Willmar Minnesota group home” and found a website for an organization that operates girls’ and boys’ group homes in the area, but their girls’ home isn’t old enough to be Janet’s. Presumably Janet’s group home has long since closed.

In any case, I have almost no information on her. A friend believes she looks a little like me. The resemblance is more obvious when you check out this photo of myself at Janet’s age.

Janet’s been missing for over forty years. If she is still alive — and I suppose there’s no evidence to indicate she’s not — she would be 56 years old today.