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  1. cynthia February 13, 2014 / 3:12 pm

    Hello Charley It is my sisters birthday today Ada Marie Odell could you run her profile…. much appreciated

  2. Peter Henderson Jr. February 14, 2014 / 7:08 am

    Thanks Meaghan.

    Sean contacted me about a week ago and asked if I would be a occasional guest contributor. I said I would love to; Anita is my first entry. I was hoping to also send Maria Florence Anjiras who went missing from Norwalk, Connecticut on February 12, 1976, but life intervened. My brother’s long time girlfriend (35 years plus) was involved in a major car/tractor-trailer accident during last weeks snowstorm in Bangor, Maine. She is OK, or will be in time. She got T-boned on the interstate and received three broken ribs, a broken left elbow and a major concussion.

    A bit of that future post, captions for three pictures I will be including.

    Charter Oaks Motorcycle Club, Bethel, Connecticut, circa 1976

    It was located on the north side of Greenwood Avenue, the main street in Bethel. The now defunct headquarters’ of the Charter Oaks Motorcycle Club, was the last verified place that Mia was seen alive. They are still active an associated with the outlaw “1%“, Hells Angel‘s Motorcycle Club.

    The Sycamore Drive-in Restaurant, in Bethel Connecticut. It is located under a giant sycamore tree and opened in 1948. One of the oldest still active local drive-in’s in the U.S.A., its root beer is made on the premises and the burgers are made from prime steak cut and ground on-site. It’s deep fried onion rings are legendary. As seen in the photo The Sycamore has long had car hops and Cruise Nights with cars and music from the ‘50’s. It was a favorite hag out for my wife Charlene who was a Bethel High School sophomore in 1976

    It’s location, on the south side of Greenwood Avenue, is very close to the now defunct headquarters’ of the Charter Oaks Motorcycle Club.

    Charlene and her friends would always cross the street to avoid the bikers who constantly hit on them and offered them rides on their Harley’s which were everywhere outside. Now located elsewhere, the club is still active.

    Charter Oaks Motorcycle Club member “Pepe” circa 1976, is one of the last people Mia was seen with

  3. seanmunger February 17, 2014 / 12:39 pm

    Sorry to hear about your brother’s girlfriend! Hope she recovers all right. Your future post sounds very interesting, I look forward to it.

  4. Amy White February 17, 2014 / 3:50 pm

    Hope your brother’s girlfriend makes a fast and complete recovery. I too am eagerly looking forward to learning more about Maria Anjiras’s troubling case. She has to be out there somewhere, and maybe one day soon she will be found or someone will come forward that knows something.Maybe your article about her will help make that happen.

  5. Peter Henderson Jr. February 18, 2014 / 3:25 pm

    Hi Sean, Ken tells me Nan is doing much better. Between the snow storms I sent you a e-mail. Suggested Banner. She became a cult member, a biker chick, a waitress, a housewife, an aspiring actress; or an unidentified murder victim. Whatever became of Mia?

    Maria Florence Anjiras

    Age When Last Seen: 14 – Age Now: 52.

    Case Type: Endangered Missing – Foul Play Possible

    Peter Henderson missing person profile

    Circumstances of Disappearance :

    “She became a cult member, a biker chick, a waitress, an aspiring actress; or an unidentified murder victim.” – ‘The Norwalk Hour’ December 12, 2009

    Maria Florence Anjiras, 14, went missing on Thursday February 12, 1976 shortly after leaving her home at 2 Midwood Road in the Cranbury section of Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. She was on a blue English racing bike and wearing white canvas pants, a peach sweater, brown shoes, and a green Norwalk high school jacket with “Mia” written on it, at the time.

    For some the brown haired blue eyed girl has become a distant memory. Suspended in time as the five foot six inch, 120 pound, Norwalk High School freshman they knew decades ago as “Mia.”

    Like other long missing teens her name comes up at high school class reunions on occasion, when for a moment the laughter stops and the memories turn somber. When someone, maybe her childhood friend, Roxanne Britland, asks the question, “Whatever became of Mia?”

    As a child Mia took ballet lessons and drama classes. A avid and talented singer she had just earned a part in Norwalk high’s production of “The Music Man.”

    Mia said was on her way to a vocal lesson that afternoon. After that she planed to make some extra money baby-sitting, however Mia never showed up for either appointment. Her dad reported her missing later the same day. Her bike was later found near St. Mary’s Lane approximately one mile from her house, but Mia was not there.

    Her dad was 52, and some becoming a teen confrontations had taken place. At the beginning of the investigation it was determined that Mia took multiple sweaters, extra underwear, a extra pair of jeans, pajamas, and some money before she left her house and several of her relatives later told police that Mia had threatened to run away two weeks prior to her disappearance, but they talked her out of it.

    As a result Mia was listed as a runaway juvenile. She was see at various teen hangouts in Norwalk during the days and weeks that followed, especially at the old Duchess Restaurant. She was spotted so often by classmates and teachers that most felt she had gone home. In truth, Mia never returned home.

    By the end of February the tips had dried up and despite a BOLO issued to local and State Police her case quickly lost steam.

    Then some six months later, in August of ’76, a classmate said he spotted Mia at “The Safari Club” a bar on Westport Avenue in Norwalk. He told Mia she should go home. She started to cry and said, “I know,” but she never did. The friend reported that Mia was in the company of a member of the Charter Oaks Motorcycle Club. However, in a era before the creation of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the internet or social media the tips and reports were always days or weeks old.

    With no additional sightings or tips, Mia’s case went as cold as a New England winter — and stayed that way for two and a half decades.

    In 2001 Norwalk Police created a cold case unit and reopened Mia’s case. By then her parents, Elsie and Constan, had already passed away, never knowing what happened to their daughter. Her dad’s 1983 Norwalk Hour obituary lists Mia as one of his surviving children, although by that time he had not heard from her in over seven years.

    Although Constan Anjiras was never a suspect in the case, police searched his home, property and the surrounding area in 2002. But investigators, assisted by cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar, came up empty, eliminating the possibility that Mia’s final resting place was a unmarked grave, somewhere close to home.

    Mia’s siblings, Carol and Thomas Anjiras, never heard from her again. In 2004 her sister gave a DNA sample to police. That sample ruled out the possibility that Mia was a Jane Doe, nicknamed “Princess Doe,” found in Blairstown, New Jersey on July 15, 1982.

    Subsequently, Maria would be ruled out as the identity of other Jane Does because her physical features or DNA did not match those of the victims.

    Cold Case Detective Lieutenant Art Weisgerber took over the case in May 2004. He
    Started from scratch by re-reading all the old tips; including the one pointing to the Charter Oaks Motorcycle Club.

    With the help of the Connecticut State Police he gained information that she had been seen on August 27, 1976, at a Danbury bar frequented by Charter Oaks members and had gotten into a fight with a girl who hung out with the bikers. Further investigation reveled that while the girl did not know Mia, she did recognize her face.

    Ultimately the case would take him to neighboring Bethel, Connecticut where two Bethel Police officers verified the that Mia was seen in September 1976 on the front lawn of the Charter Oaks Motorcycle Club headquarters in the company of a club member known as “Pepe.”

    Unfortunately, there the case; once again, goes cold.

    So what happened to Mia? Did she decide to live the life of biker chick? Did she become a cult member as some think? Did her interest in acting and singing lead her west? Did she simply leave her family behind, becoming a waitress or housewife under a different name?

    Or was she the victim of foul play?

    Norwalk high’s class of ’79 will be holding their 35 year reunion this summer. Sometime during the night the jokes and funny photo’s will be set aside. With a tear in their eye the now middle aged alumni will remember the young girl in the green school jacket.

    Once again someone will ask, “Whatever became of Mia?”

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Norwalk Police Department
    Cold Case Detective Lieutenant Art Weisgerber

    Agency Case Number: 76-4593
    NCMEC Case Number: 939153
    NCIC Case Number: M-412552011
    NamUs Case Number: MP # 2560



    The Norwalk Hour

    The Norwalk Hour, Part 2

    The Charley Project

  6. Kat February 20, 2014 / 9:15 pm

    My mother’s family lives in Norwalk, I used to spend summers there with them. I vaguely remember this case and the April Giusti (sp?) case. Norwalk has made an effort downtown and on the outskirts at least, have cleaned up and changed a lot. But from what I remember from back twenty plus years ago, there was a lot of crime and certain places were a dump. A lot of overflow from Bridgeport and Hartford at least. These are, as far as I know, the two most high profile cases around there, but not really well known to the newer residents of the area. Such a shame. I hope there are answers at some point, though I doubt they will be good ones.

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