Make-a-List Monday: Heterochromia iridum

This list was created by Annie Keller of For the Lost fame. (She still really really needs donations to her dental fund, btw. It’s a worthy cause, and right now she only has about one-third of the sum required.) Anyway, the list is for people who have what’s called Heterochromia iridum, or eyes that are not the same color. Certainly it’s a striking distinguishing characteristic. Here we go:

Madeline Kelly Edman
Brian A. Jones
Winifred Joan Matronia
Janis Kay Sanders
Dewayne Alan Stewart
Robert Joseph Tennison

Out of 9,500-odd people on the Charley Project, these six are as far as I know the only ones with Heterchromia iridium. It’s a rare condition, more often seen in cats and dogs than human beings.