Select It Sunday: Paula and Brandon Wade

Selected by CC and Kat: 25-year-old Paula Ann Wade and her three-year-old son Brandon Lee Wade, who disappeared together from Valdosta, Georgia on October 14, 2002. This was two weeks before Paula’s birthday and shortly before they were supposed to move to Florida.

Not much is available about this case, other than Dad has an excellent alibi and didn’t do it: he was in the military and stationed out of state when his wife and child vanished. The family’s roommate has been looked at as a possible suspect, however. The most recent article I can find on the disappearance is this one, from last summer. But it doesn’t say very much.

The Wades have been missing for more than a decade. If they’re still alive, which seems unlikely, Paula and Brandon would be 37 and 14 years old today.