Flashback Friday: Jeremiah George Huger

FF this week: Jeremiah George Huger, a four-year-old boy who was abducted by a non-family member from outside his family’s home on LaFontaine Avenue in the Bronx. It was June 25, 1985. He was playing with other children when the abductor called him by name and then grabbed him when he got close enough.

I really wish I had more info on this case, like the names of suspects. Mom thinks a former boyfriend of hers was involved; the police theorize Jeremiah was sold. It seems likely that the abductor knew him, at least in passing, but it’s also possible to find out a what child’s is name without ever meeting them.

Given that this kidnapping was witnessed, I wonder if it could have been resolved quickly if they’d had Amber Alerts and the like back then. We’ll never know.

Assuming he’s still alive, Jeremiah would be 33 years old today.