Sorry about no Flashback Friday or Select It Sunday last weekend. I had thought I had posts scheduled, and I’m not sure what happened — whether I made a mistake or whether WordPress had a hiccup or something. Anyway, things should proceed as normal next weekend.

I’m working on a really BIG list for Make-a-List Monday. So big, in fact, that I’m having to split it up into parts. I’ve been working on this list since May and have run Part #1. Part #2 — western states — is nearing completion; I just have about half of California left. Still purging as well. I’m expecting to purge around 50 cases today, maybe more.

The Charley Project’s Facebook page now has almost 2,500 likes: it’s at 2,453. Cool.

Make-a-List Monday: Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese people

MPs who are originally from China, Japan and Vietnam. I decided it was sufficient if the person was just raised there, even if I don’t know for sure they were born there. Needless to say, there’s probably quite a few people I missed, since I rarely find out an MP’s national origin.

Lian Fan Feng
Jie Zhao Li
Qingping Ouyang
Xiang Sun
Yim Yeung Tsui
Yuan Xia Wang
Sifeng Wu
Wengsheng Zheng
Yinzhou Zheng

James P. Higham III
Keisuke Koizumi
Masuko Makoto
Hiroko Nemoto
Masumi Watanabe
Frederic Hiro Yamamoto

Hiep T. Luu
Van Thay Nguyen
Ducong Trinh
Khoi Dang Vu