Flashback Friday: Elizabeth Ann Lande

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Elizabeth Lande, who’s been missing from Philadelphia since December 12, 1971. Her boyfriend, Bobby Nauss, was convicted of her murder in 1977. This MWAB case is a bit unusual because Nauss admitted from the outset that Elizabeth was dead. However, he claimed her death was a suicide (by hanging) and he only disposed of her body.

Although it’s worth noting that Elizabeth had psychiatric problems, doctors who testified at the trial don’t believe she was suicidal, and when your girlfriend hangs herself a normal person’s reaction would not be “gotta go dump her in the Pine Barrens.”

True Crime Reader

I was looking back at my old blog posts and the discussions on them when I came across a comment someone made in 2012. The commenter is a journalist who runs the True Crime Reader blog: “a site dedicated to the genre of true crime – reviews, news and film and television adaptations.” I think the blogger is Australian.

I’ve added it to the my blog’s blogroll and thought I’d mention it here. It’s an excellent blog. Especially of interest, of course, is the missing persons section.

Casey and Sandy Parsons denied custody of kids again

Members of the extended Parsons family have told the media that a family court judge denied a motion to return Casey and Sandy’s not missing children to their care.

Their adopted daughter Erica disappeared in late 2011 or thereabouts; no one’s sure exactly when, and her parents’ explanations for her disappearance (and why they never reported it) have been one lie after another. Their other children were taken from them after Erica’s disappearance was finally brought to law enforcement attention in 2013.

According to the relatives, the judge told Casey and Sandy that in order to get custody of their other kids back, they will have to produce Erica. Fat chance of that happening. I’m reasonably sure that Erica is dead.

MP of the week: Shane Govan

This week’s featured missing person is Shane Govan, age 23, missing from South Carolina since November 10, 2008. He was definitely abducted and probably murdered, but who did it and why is anyone’s guess.

I don’t have much on him. His mother died less than a year after his abduction, without ever finding out what happened to him.

Make-a-List Monday: People from Eastern Europe

I realize that what exactly constitutes “Eastern Europe” is pretty subjective. For this list I’m going to use the countries listed on About.com’s Eastern Europe page: Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia. This list is only for Charley Project MPs who were actually BORN in the aforementioned nations, and I don’t have people from every one of those countries. As per usual, I’ve probably missed a few.

Galina Morozova Brown
Ann Gotlib
Yaroslav Victorovich Iventyev
Nadia Kira Kirsh
Ilya Gennadievich Lastovkin
Ekaterina Shcherbakova
Tatyana Smirnov (I think)
Arkadiy Tashman

Czech Republic
Vladimir Horak

Casey Joanna Brooks
Piotr Drabik
Wojciech Fudali
Jakub Piotr Growoski
Beata Rembisz
Valerie Wojcik

Maria Bozi
Iulian Florin Duna
Daniel Mazilu

Nicholas R. Blasetzky
Irina Malezhik
Olga Valeryevna Ponomareva

Bosnia and Herzegovina
David Ristovski

Aferdita Gjergjaj
Amine Zahzouh