Surge in traffic over the weekend

According to the Charley Project’s visitor stats, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all saw over 10,000 visits, with over 15,000 on Friday. This is in contrast to the usual eight to nine thousand visits. Besides my frontpage, the most popular page on the site was Nicholas Patrick Barclay‘s casefile.

I think he might have been featured on CNN recently; my friend KC said he saw a program about “an impostor who passed himself off to family as missing son” and said one of their graphics was credited to the Charley Project. KC couldn’t remember the names in the CNN story, but if it wasn’t about Nicholas I don’t know who they could be referring to.

Make-a-List Monday: MPs from Africa

Unsurprisingly, this is a list of missing people who are originally from Africa. (A list of African countries can be found here.)

Just Africa, not sure where
Mohama Samsoudini Baba

Cote d’Ivoire
Irene Kouame

Tigist Hailu

Edwina Atieno Onyango
Eugene Bush Wekesa

Muna Mahamud Haji

Marceline Tolondo

As you can see, this is a pretty short list. The Charley Project features far more cases of people believed to be be IN Africa. Perhaps that is a list for another time.