I am officially sick

Michael has been sick as a dog for much of the week, even calling in sick three out of the four days (the fifth day, I believe school got canceled anyway). Now he’s on the mend but, unsurprisingly, I’ve caught it from him. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving!

We both went to the doctor and Michael’s diagnosed him with a bacterial infection and prescribed antibiotics. Mine diagnosed the flu and told me to wait. Well, I’m armed with ibuprofen and the prescription cough syrup Tussionex (which I highly recommend because, unlike all the others, it doesn’t taste bad).

I just hope I’m sufficiently recovered to do my interview Tuesday without sounding like a frog.

Flashback Friday: Elizabeth Ann Lande

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Elizabeth Lande, who’s been missing from Philadelphia since December 12, 1971. Her boyfriend, Bobby Nauss, was convicted of her murder in 1977. This MWAB case is a bit unusual because Nauss admitted from the outset that Elizabeth was dead. However, he claimed her death was a suicide (by hanging) and he only disposed of her body.

Although it’s worth noting that Elizabeth had psychiatric problems, doctors who testified at the trial don’t believe she was suicidal, and when your girlfriend hangs herself a normal person’s reaction would not be “gotta go dump her in the Pine Barrens.”