Make-a-List Monday: People from Eastern Europe

I realize that what exactly constitutes “Eastern Europe” is pretty subjective. For this list I’m going to use the countries listed on’s Eastern Europe page: Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia. This list is only for Charley Project MPs who were actually BORN in the aforementioned nations, and I don’t have people from every one of those countries. As per usual, I’ve probably missed a few.

Galina Morozova Brown
Ann Gotlib
Yaroslav Victorovich Iventyev
Nadia Kira Kirsh
Ilya Gennadievich Lastovkin
Ekaterina Shcherbakova
Tatyana Smirnov (I think)
Arkadiy Tashman

Czech Republic
Vladimir Horak

Casey Joanna Brooks
Piotr Drabik
Wojciech Fudali
Jakub Piotr Growoski
Beata Rembisz
Valerie Wojcik

Maria Bozi
Iulian Florin Duna
Daniel Mazilu

Nicholas R. Blasetzky
Irina Malezhik
Olga Valeryevna Ponomareva

Bosnia and Herzegovina
David Ristovski

Aferdita Gjergjaj
Amine Zahzouh

5 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: People from Eastern Europe

  1. B January 20, 2014 / 12:42 pm

    Also from Russia, Arkadiy Tashman. Kind of a strange case…possibly a suicide, possibly a runaway.

    • Meaghan January 20, 2014 / 12:54 pm

      I don’t know why I forgot to add him to the list. *adds him*

  2. Ilya January 23, 2014 / 10:42 pm

    My bad – not Oklahoma, Kentucky.

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