Select It Sunday: Tina Wilson

Selected by B.: Tina Wilson, missing from Whitehall, Ohio since April 18, 2005. She was 43 at the time.

There are some unusual circumstances about Tina’s disappearance: her pet cat apparently vanished along with her and I haven’t found anything about it ever being located, but all the rest of her things were left behind, even her car. She was a practicing Wiccan and from objects left in her bedroom, she might have been doing some Wiccan religious things when she was interrupted by whatever made her disappear.

(I know almost nothing about Wicca. Though I do think the “Details Released In Missing Witch Case” headline from nbc4i was inappropriate.)

Beyond that, I don’t have much on her disappearance. I looked her up to see if I could find any additional info not already on the Charley Project, and I could only find her date of birth (September 24, 1961), some additional info about her tattoos, and her middle name (Raye) on the Ohio Attorney General’s Office database.

This is a frustrating case. It sounds like whatever happened to Tina, it was probably not good. But the only evidence of foul play is the LACK of evidence suggesting she left on her own.