NO WAY is this girl 6’2!

I was looking at the NCMEC poster for Jimena Perez-Moreno and noted they give her height and weight as “6’2, 40 pounds.” Well, Jimena wasn’t even three years old when she disappeared in 2010. Furthermore, I bet a SKELETON of a 6’2 person probably weighs more than 40 pounds.

I’m guessing probably they meant to put her height as, perhaps, 3’2. LOL.

One thought on “NO WAY is this girl 6’2!

  1. Princess Shantae January 15, 2014 / 7:39 am

    I’ve seen that a few times and I always roll my eyes.
    In Jimena’s case I don’t think it even matters that much b/c she won’t be two foot six now.

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