Make-a-List Monday: Cars left at airports

This list was created by Carl Koppelman: Charley Project MPs whose cars were found abandoned at airports after they disappeared. Sometimes the MP walked out of their lives (or rather, flew out); more often someone wanted to make it LOOK like they walked out of their lives.

Cynthia Colleen Allegro
Ina M. Arnall
Barbara Ann Bockwith
Duane David Brown
Wendy Susan Byron
Marie Jane Carlson
James Elworth Craven
Joseph Wayne Daggett
Charles Robinson Davies III
John Wesley Davis
Angela Joan DeLawder
Patricia Alice Faulkner
Alejandro Flores Jr.
Kathy Mae Brownfield Goad
Haskell Wilson Gonzales
Bonnie Lynn Haim
James William Hires
Ruth Ann Homberg
Jonathan Bruce Jackson
Richard Kirchmann
Norvice Landon
Dagmar Louise Linton
Robert Donald Linton
Timothy Joseph Lynch
Stephanie Anne Lyng
Joseph Mack Maples
Jennifer Lynn Marcum
Robert G. Marvin Sr.
Jean McKinney
Helen Ann Morgan
Timothy Douglas Moreau
Judie Kay Lowery Munguia
Genevieve Munoz
Magdalena O. Perez
Stacy Ann Peterson
Frank M. Pozar
Tessie E. Pozar
Ann Mineko Racz
Grace Marie Canto Reapp
Betty Irene Redmond
John Patrick Rowan Jr.
Beverly Gail Sabo
Angela Pitz Smith
Deling Sun
Lisa Alaria Szasz-Lazzaro
Dang Tang
John Michael Vengrin
Paul Alan Vogen
Jerry Alfred Wolking Sr.
Jack Scott Wood
Nancy Wroblewski