Some more media attention in the Dashad Smith case

Per this article: the police are still looking for Erik McFadden, described as a person of interest in Dashad Smith‘s disappearance. He dropped out of sight shortly after Dashad was last seen, and hasn’t been seen since. He’s not a suspect, but the cops would like to question him.

I’m surprised and gratified Dashad got any media attention at all. He’s in three categories of marginalized people: black, poor and gay. (That’s right, I did say gay, not transgendered. Several sources I found out about Dashad specifically said he was not transgendered although he did like to dress as a woman from time to time. I’d love it if anyone who knew him could elaborate about this in the comments section.) Black missing people are largely ignored; black men most of all.

Chinese fooooood

Here’s a pic Michael took of me when we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant today:


I haven’t updated these last few days because I thought I’d take advantage of the time Michael and I unexpectedly had together. Due to the weather the school he teaches at was canceled. He works very long hours and this is the first time we’ve had all to ourselves in I don’t know how long. (During the holidays he had friends over a lot, and we also went to stay with his parents.)