Working on Parsons case for tomorrow

I’m going to be updating Erica Parsons‘s case on the third, with more info taken from search warrants and other court documents I found online. It’s such an incredibly sad story.

The fact that she was adopted just makes it worse in my eyes. Her mom (possibly the only adult in her life who actually cared about her) placed her for adoption. That is something that’s wrenching for a parent, I read a study of birth mothers and the study said they basically never get over the loss. But Erica’s mother did the responsible thing, the loving thing, because she hoped it would give Erica a better life…and then this happens. Casey and Sandy Parsons, out of all the prospective parents out there, chose to take Erica into their home, and the state signed off on it…and then this happens.

It wasn’t like other people didn’t know what was going on with Erica. They saw the bruises. They heard Casey complaining about her, saying she couldn’t stand her, didn’t even want to look at her. At six years old Erica was wearing clothes sized for a child half her age. And now, finally, the whole family has turned against Casey and Sandy, the grandparents are saying they hope they never get the rest of their kids back, their own son testifies against them in the court hearings, the community holds vigils in Erica’s memory and agitates for action…too little, too late.

Once again I quote Robert Cormier: “Hell would not be anger but indifference.”

4 thoughts on “Working on Parsons case for tomorrow

  1. myfibroexperience December 2, 2013 / 12:18 pm

    thank you for all you do!! I know there are many out there and I hope I didn’t offend you when you posted about my brother! This is such a sad story my sister and mother had to give up children for adoption bu thankfully the kids are good now! my heart aches for her I look forward to your post on the third!!
    also wanted to share with you the updated National Centers for Missing and Exploited Children’s poster…should I email it to you? or post it it here…they did an aged progression but we could only use one side of the family….I will put the link here as I understand you a super busy! Again the work you do need to be acknowledged! There are so many case that seem to just get lost and you have brought them back to peoples minds!! THANK YOU!!

    here is the link I mentioned about the new poster on my missing brother David Joseph Miera

    • Meaghan December 2, 2013 / 7:15 pm

      Thank you for the thanks yous! I’ve posted David’s age-progression.

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