Two MPs referenced in Cracked article

This article, 5 Recent Trends That Make It Hard to Trust Police, mentions Felipe Santos and Terrance Deon Williams on the second page. (No, it doesn’t link to my site.) It talks about the eerie coincidence — or was it? — that they were both picked up by the same cop on the day they disappeared and he was the last person to see them.

Flashback Friday: Freddie Holmes

This week’s Flashback Friday is Frederick Andrew “Freddie” Holmes, who vanished from Grahamsville, New York on May 25, 1955, a little over a month before his second birthday.

This toddler was evidently abducted, though by whom is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately most of his family — parents and five of his seven brothers and sisters — have died in the nearly sixty years since he was last seen. We can only hope that Freddie was taken by someone who wanted to raise a child, and that he’s alive and well today. But in any case it’s unlikely that he’ll ever be located.

I only have one, not all that great quality picture of him, but from the photo he reminds me of forever-lost Charley Ross, who also had long(ish) blond curls.